How To Choose A Detox Center

The right detox center will help your loved ones change their lifestyle. But before you choose just any facility, it’s important to know some of the things to look for. When you know which questions to ask a detox center, you can better select a facility that will meet their needs. Be aware that the detox process can vary widely from person to person and substance to substance.

Components Of A Detox Center

There are a number of drug detox programs available. The one that is right for your loved one will depend on their drug of choice, the amount they are taking each day, and other factors that may exacerbate the problem such as other addictions or an underlying mental health condition.

Here are some of the factors to consider when selecting a detox program.

  • Alternative therapies. What types of therapies, if any, are offered to relieve your loved one’s symptoms? Alternative therapies used in detox may include a dry sauna, vitamin IV therapy, amino acids, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Magnesium, high b’s, and c’s, complex b 5, 6, and 12’s, calcium, and zinc are widely used to restore the body.
  • Medical supervision. Medically supervised detox programs are ideal because they are safer and ensure that patients are well managed. Ask the program how often your loved one will see a medical doctor, and if staff support is available around the clock.
  • Customizable treatment. Customizable detox programs are customized to your loved one’s needs. Since each patient is unique, it’s important that they are given a unique detox regimen as well. Look for programs that have a pre-admission assessment to ensure they are a good fit.

The Next Phase After Detoxification

Detox is the first active step to recovery, but it’s not enough to help your loved one remain sober. Once they are clean, they will most likely require some form of treatment. When looking for a detox program, it’s ideal to find one that is aligned with a residential rehab center. This way, your loved one can go straight from detox to treatment, with no lapse in the recovery process. Some detox centers still do things the old school way, by offering detox separately from a rehabilitation program. While it’s imperative that your loved one gets clean, there needs to be a game plan for what happens after.

Holistic Treatment Center Focusing On Complete Care

The River Source is a holistic treatment center that walks the entire journey with patients. We provide naturopathic, medically supervised detox, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, and continuing care. It is with our holistic approach and alternative therapies that we allow for a full recovery.

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