Importance Of Eating Right And Exercising While Becoming Sober

Importance Of Eating Right & Exercising While Becoming SoberDiet and exercise are key components to a successful drug rehabilitation program. It can take time for you develop a healthy eating and exercise regimen, but you can build on what you learn in recovery. During the detox process here at The River Source, dry sauna is used to remove harmful toxins from the body, while vitamin therapy replaces lost nutrients. By the time you start counseling, your body will already be on its way to healing.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are important tools in recovery, and they protect both your mental and physical health. When you leave treatment, you will have the beginnings of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. But now it will be up to you to follow through with eating the right foods and fitting physical activity into your daily schedule.

Benefits Of Eating Right And Exercising While Becoming Sober

Let’s explore a few of the reasons why a drug addiction fitness and wellness program can boost recovery and prevent relapse.

Healing And Repair

Your body has a lot of healing to do after months or years of using drugs or alcohol. Eating the right foods replenishes the body with vitamins and minerals, and reintroduces neglected nutrients. These compounds help the body repair some of the damage that was done during the addiction. Exercise also promotes healing, particularly in the cardiovascular system. It increases the amount of new nerve connections in the brain and can also help regulate sleep cycles.

Maintained Energy Levels

Most recovering addicts benefit from eating three meals and two to three snacks per day. The goal is to keep your blood glucose levels stable so that they don’t decrease. Drops in blood glucose are linked to poor decision making and a potential for relapse. Additionally, it’s important to get enough protein in your day since protein supports brain chemicals that are responsible for calming, concentration and alertness.

Regular exercise does wonders for energy levels, too. It fights fatigue and boosts energy. If you don’t particularly enjoy working out, consider something more relaxing like hiking, swimming, yoga or strength training.

Structure To Your Days

Eating healthy surprisingly gives your days some balance and structure. You have to wake up early to get a nutritious breakfast in, and you have to be creative with your meals, which can turn you on to cooking, grocery shopping and trying new foods.

A commitment to an exercise regimen fills your time. The early days of recovery can leave you with too much time on your hands, and you may find yourself thinking about drugs or alcohol again. Any form of physical activity gets you up and moving and on the way to restored physical, mental and spiritual health.

Holistic Recovery Program

The River Source offers a holistic recovery program for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. We firmly believe in the power of diet and exercise, and we begin teaching our patients how to implement them into their recovery plans during their stay with us. Our recovery program also includes counseling, alternative therapies and continuing care.

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