How Infrared Sauna Detox Works

Infrared sauna detoxification is something that few people know about, but it’s worth understanding because it will be the wave of the future. In fact, infrared sauna detox programs were used as part of the protocol for 9/11 rescue workers who had become ill from breathing in fumes and chemicals during their work. Other notable institutions that are familiar with the benefits of sauna therapy include Mayo Clinic, the World Health Organization, and NASA.

Benefits of Sauna Therapy

The River Source offers infrared sauna detox as part of our addiction recovery program. We have an appreciation for this type of therapy because:

  • It’s safe, effective and natural
  • It removes drug toxins from the body
  • It removes environmental toxins from the body
  • It improves overall health and wellness
  • It has no side effects
  • It can be continued after addiction treatment
  • It works on both the mind and body

How the Program Works

So how exactly does our sauna therapy program work?

The goal is to dispose of as many toxins as possible through sweat while sitting in a hot sauna. The type of program will impact how long you sit in the sauna and how many times this is done each day or week. At the beginning of addiction treatment, the more you use sauna therapy, the better it works. This is because once the body adapts to sauna treatments, you sweat more profusely and detoxify the body more quickly.

Our clients find that infrared sauna therapy for addiction is relaxing and enjoyable. It’s nothing to be afraid of; nothing that will make you feel discomfort. Our goal is to offer as many natural therapies as possible that rely on the body’s natural healing abilities. Sauna therapy doesn’t work alone, however. Let’s discuss what other methods are used in conjunction with infrared sauna detoxification here at The River Source.

Exercise and Massage Therapy

Light exercise before a sauna session gets the blood circulating. This means that even the deepest tissues of the body are circulating blood, and the toxins in this blood can be expelled from the body during the sauna session. Without this light exercise in advance, these deep areas may hold onto that blood, and therefore, its harmful toxins.

Massage therapy is another modality that can be used before a sauna session. Massage works in a similar fashion as an exercise by improving blood flow. The added benefit to massage therapy is that circulation is improved in the connective tissues where toxins can be locked away. These toxins may be the cause of pain, fatigue, and discomfort.

Supplements and a Clean Diet

Another aspect of this program is taking certain supplements that support the sweating process and naturally detoxify chemicals. Vitamin B3 is a good supplement for this purpose because it helps open up microcirculation, or the tiniest blood vessels in the body. Digestive enzymes can also be beneficial because they break up trapped toxins that would otherwise be stored in the body.

Supplements are critical, but eating a healthy diet is just as important. At The River Source, we encourage a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, and some high proteins. Salads with grilled chicken or fresh fruit are one of our favorite recommendations. Fruits and vegetables are clean, healthy foods, and they naturally contain antioxidants and nutrients that the body needs to thrive. In fact, over time, a healthy diet is all that is needed to keep the body strong and resilient.

IV Therapy

Perhaps what makes infrared sauna detox at The River Source especially effective is our use of IV therapy. When sauna therapy and IV therapy are paired together, it’s a winning combination that works wonders.

Through detoxification, the body releases harmful toxins from the drugs that were being abused as well as other environmental factors. Since you probably weren’t leading a healthy lifestyle, additional toxins come from processed foods, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Once these toxins begin to detach themselves from the body, you’ll start to feel better but tired, sluggish and depleted. After all, the body hasn’t had much good in it lately. That’s where IV therapy works miracles. It replenishes the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. IV therapy is what boosts the body and makes it feel energized, happy and motivated. This is when real recovery can begin.

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