Introducing Our New Women’s Program

Women with substance abuse problems have unique needs that aren’t always properly addressed in traditional rehab programs. It’s not just gender that has an effect on addiction but also social and environmental roles. For instance, research has shown that physical and sexual trauma followed by post-traumatic stress disorder is more common among female addicts than male addicts. Also, women often come into treatment differently than men because they are more likely to seek help from their doctor.

Women also tend to progress more quickly to drug or alcohol dependency, and they develop medical or social consequences faster than men. Some women also find it harder to quit using drugs or alcohol and are more likely to relapse. These factors impact recovery, even long after treatment.

Female-Focused Treatment

To address the unique needs of female addicts, The River Source has opened a women’s only rehab program in Mesa, AZ. This residential recovery program is exclusively for women ages 18 and older who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. By launching a women’s-only program, we’ve been able to include services that are not offered through our traditional residential or outpatient services.

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Here is a brief overlook of our women’s only program in Mesa, AZ.

  • Single-gender environment
  • Gender-specific topics
  • Family education and support
  • Intimate, homelike setting
  • Support for married couples
  • Additional accommodations for pregnant women
  • Convenient location in downtown Mesa
  • Includes recovery guarantee

Safe, Affordable Holistic Recovery

Our women’s program follows the same philosophy as our anchor program, utilizing an integrative approach that combines traditional medical detox and holistic and naturopathic treatments. This allows our patients to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually in a safe and supportive environment.

Some of the amenities that are offered to our patients to help them in their journey include:

  • Dry sauna
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Massage therapy
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Counseling

In addition to our alternative therapies, we are also committed to providing a safe, supportive environment that celebrates women. Our residential facility features a dry sauna, outdoor fire pit, basketball hoop, indoor lounge area, and more. All of this is situated in between the desert expanse and mountain terrains in downtown Mesa, making it accessible to all.

Women’s Only Recovery Program

The River Source is one of few alcohol treatment centers that offer a women’s only recovery program. We hope that by providing a safe, gender-specific environment, we can help women overcome their challenges and recover from addiction. If you or a loved one can benefit from our program, please call us today.

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