Is Detox Enough?

A detox program is necessary when an individual has been using drugs or alcohol for a prolonged period of time. These programs are intense and require removing all drugs, alcohol and toxins from the body. It’s serious business. One would think that with everything an addict goes through during this 5-10 day process, they would never want to use again. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works. In almost all cases, detox is not enough.

What’s The Goal Of Detox?

The purpose of detox is to remove all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body. There can be a lot of discomfort in detox because of the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms, which vary depending on the drug you are addicted to and how long you have been using for. Yet just because these toxins are removed from your body does not mean that the uncontrollable urges to use are erased as well. The mental obsession to use again remains, which is why you’ll likely need ongoing counseling and alternative therapies to help.

What Is Naturopathic Detox?

At The River Source, we start patients on a naturopathic detox program that we believe is the first stepping stone to a successful recovery. One of the first questions we’re asked by patients and their families is, “What is a naturopathic detox program?” How does this program differ from a standard one? How long is it? What happens after?

Naturopathic Detox ProgramNaturopathic detox is typically a 5-10 day process. Our unique approach combines both medical and naturopathic treatments to reduce pain and discomfort. Our program provides ongoing supervision and the expertise of licensed physicians and therapists. Some of the treatments included in our drug and alcohol detox center in Arizona are:

  • Nutritional IV therapy
  • Oral vitamin therapy
  • Dry sauna
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical manipulation
  • Massage therapy
  • B12 shots
  • Meditation
  • Light exercise
  • Counseling
  • Group therapy

What Happens After Detox?

Once the detox process is complete, we highly recommend continuing with a treatment program. Detox is not recovery, therefore one has no lapse in recovery if one uses after detox. With continued treatment, you can go straight from detox to counseling. You will feel better and have the strength to focus on your recovery.

Through individual and group counseling, you will explore some of the reasons for your addiction and what you can do in the future to avoid going down the same path. You can also meet with others going through similar experiences and realize that you are not alone in your efforts to be sober.

In the end, most patients need more than detox. Detox is only one piece to the puzzle. It’s responsible for removing traces of drugs and alcohol from the body so that you can focus on recovery in a healthier, sober frame of mind. It’s in treatment that you’ll learn the skills needed to avoid temptation and remain clean and sober.

The River Source is a holistic treatment center that offers both naturopathic detox and integrative addiction treatment. Our detox program lasts 5-10 days and provides patients with 24/7 supervision. To learn more about our comprehensive treatment program, call us today.

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