Is One Form of Drug Detox More Dangerous Than Another?

Going through drug detox is an extremely hard transition for the body and mind to endure. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which form is the best for each individual case. However, it is important to consider that there are dangerous types of detox that should be avoided for a safer option.

The Risks In Drug Detox

A strong will and support system plays a key role in the ability to stop drug use permanently. Overcoming the wear from excessive drug use begins at the detoxification phase of ridding the body of toxic substances. Prolonged use of prescription medication can be as dangerous as abusing illegal drugs. Withdrawal symptoms are unavoidable, but they can be lessened by using alternative medicine to avoid shocking the system. Methadone is an example of a long-term detox medication that helps addicts adjust to quitting heroin. The major risk with replacement drugs is the chance of subsequent addiction. Each person will experience a different level of withdrawal depending on the length of drug use, type of drugs, and quantity. Quitting a program before full recovery also puts the body at risk of consequences.

Treatment Without A Professional

Individuals are strictly advised against attempting to detox without some form of professional assistance. There may be underlying health problems from prolonged drug use that cannot be diagnosed without a doctor. Overcoming the rough physical effects may not be adequate enough without mental assistance and support. This is the most dangerous form of drug detox that a person can go through.

Residential Assistance

Individuals that need to be removed from having easy access to drugs may find residential assistance that fits their requirements. The only danger of this form of drug detox lies in the surroundings and mind of a patient. It may feel too restrictive to lose everyday freedom, and the desire to use it as a coping mechanism may be overwhelming. Simply running the course of treatment has a greater chance of being unsuccessful if the residential rehabilitation center does not offer additional support. Entering the situation that drug use was a regular occurrence can trigger a relapse. Depending on the drug, the body may have a deadly reaction to the re-introduction of the substance in the system.

Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Programs

An addict that wants to get rid of their problem without disrupting everyday life can spend a few hours a day in an outpatient program or with partial hospitalization. The PHP program has all of the benefits of a residential program, with the benefit of going home at the end of each day. A person who chooses this program typically has a busy work schedule or simply does not want the world to notice an unexplained absence. There are functioning drug addicts that seem to carry on a normal life by masking their problems from others, and this can carry over into the recovery phase. Daily therapy and support are relatively safe, however, it is easy to slip back into old habits without constant supervision. Outpatient care programs are a method of continued assistance transitioning after residential treatment or partial hospitalization.

Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

The safest and most effective drug treatment solution takes a more natural approach to finding a solution. Holistic doctors are able to handle careful monitoring and assistance during the detox process, without adding more toxins to the system. Recovery involves an improvement in all aspects of physical, emotional, and mental health. Recovery programs may include light yoga, regular meditation, and relaxing acupuncture. Reaching inner peace on an individual level does take learning and guidance, but it is ultimately the most successful way to prepare for a major lifestyle change.

Addiction can overcome a person so severely that they feel they are unable to stop using until their body shuts down. It is never too late to receive help and learn to cope with a dangerous dependency that is disrupting regular life, ruining relationships, and destroying the internal organs. Choose a safe treatment that is educational and supportive to provide care in the long-term.

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