Join The River Source Writing Volunteer Program!

Are you an ASU Walter Cronkite Journalism student who enjoys writing on topics related to drug addiction, holistic recovery, and sober living? If so, The River Source would like to invite you to apply for a volunteer writing position. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather more experience writing content for an online audience.

What Does the Position Entail?

Require Volunteer WritersThe position you are applying for will consist of writing 300-500 word blog posts that will be posted on our website at Each month, we get hundreds of unique visitors that come to our site to learn about substance abuse, holistic treatment, and long-term recovery. Our blog is uplifting, inspiring, and informative – everything a drug addiction blog should be!

Who Can Apply?

The River Source welcomes all Walter Cronkite Journalism students to apply for the position, even if you have not personally been affected by addiction. As a society, we are all affected by this debilitating disease, even if it’s not within our own families.

Consider that drug overdoses are now the leading cause of injury-related deaths. It’s clear
that we have an epidemic on our hands, especially with the prescription drug problem. Of course, if you have been affected by substance abuse, you probably have a unique perspective to share with our readers.

Will I Get Paid?

This writing position is on a volunteer basis, so we will not issue you payment for the blogs. However, there are many wonderful benefits to volunteering your time. As a journalism student, this type of writing gives you experience writing online content. It can also give you exposure to new writing opportunities in the future. Additionally, we are happy to reward our writers with incentives such as local sporting event tickets and complimentary vitamin IV bags at our naturopathic clinic.

Who You Will be Writing For

The River Source is a residential holistic addiction treatment center that was founded in 2003. We offer affordable substance abuse treatment that includes both naturopathic and traditional medicine. Each patient is unique, which is why we offer customized treatment that includes therapies like nutritional IV therapy and sauna detox. This winning combination rids the body of toxins and replaces it with essential nutrients, which is imperative when recovering from addiction.

To apply for our volunteer writing position, please send an email to with the subject line RS Volunteer. We will send you more information and details about the position and how to formally apply. We look forward to hearing from you!


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