Man Says He Owes The River Source for Learning the Foundation of Getting Clean and Sober

Arizona City, Arizona — A former client who found recovery at The River Source was so happy with his experience that he wrote a glowing five-star review on Google. Robert, the former client, praised the treatment center and recommended it to others looking for a substance abuse treatment center.

“Still clean, and I owe The River Source for helping with the foundation of getting clean/sober,” Robert wrote. “The BHTs (behavioral health therapists) helped a lot and were attentive. I was able to get a better understanding of 12 Step meetings. The majority of the staff are recovering addicts/alcoholics so they understand the fear of coming into detox or rehabilitation. Highly recommend—met some amazing people in treatment who are still clean today. So much gratitude for this place! Thank you to everyone who was part of my journey.”

Robert found a new life at The River Source’s Reclaim Your Life program, which seeks to do exactly as its name suggests: help clients get back to the person they were before addiction took hold and discover the best version of themselves. Its integrative approach is clinically driven and focused on delivering results based on truly effective care. Care is always delivered with honesty, integrity and kindness, treating the whole person rather than just their addiction. 

The River Source offers fully accredited drug and alcohol rehab services at five locations in Arizona. At each, clients find a complete continuum of care, from detox to residential treatment and lifetime alumni services. Programs include intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization. 

Treatment begins with detox, a phase that prepares the body by eliminating the toxins that have built up during substance use. This can include nutritional IV therapy, medication-assisted treatment and non-traditional approaches such as massage, sauna, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.

From there, clients move to residential treatment programs, where therapy delves into the root causes of their addiction. Strategies include group therapy, individual counseling, family therapy and co-occurring disorders to resolve underlying emotional and psychological disorders that may be the actual cause of the addiction. In addition, as Robert discovered, treatment is 12 Step-focused and emphasizes peer support. Treatment also includes specialized tracks for pregnant women, Native Americans and trauma survivors.

Clients undergo treatment in a setting that is comfortable and relaxing. It’s not a “luxury” facility but offers amenities that enable clients to focus on their recovery and see that they’re worth the effort of working toward sobriety. Clients can watch TV, including streaming services, in detox and residential areas and enjoy chef-prepared meals for proper nutrition and to learn the pleasures of eating well. Clients can build up their bodies with fitness equipment and their minds and spirits with games and recreational activities. Facilities offer cozy, modern interior furniture, spacious outdoor areas and a peaceful courtyard. 

Better than plush surroundings, The River Source offers a unique Recovery Guarantee. If someone relapses within a year of graduating from the full continuum of care despite following their treatment plan advice, they may return for treatment at no charge. 

The guarantee is based on research showing that the longer a recovering addict stays in rehab, the less likely they are to relapse after treatment. The River Source’s guarantee incentivizes the client to stay with the program. It’s very much a team effort: The clients understand they must put in the work to succeed, and The River Source team understands the importance of helping the client to stay as long as they need.

For information on substance abuse treatment at Arizona’s leading drug and alcohol rehab program, visit The River Source or call 866-367-6881.

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