New Marijuana: “Wax”

Over the past couple of years, a unique form of marijuana has been growing in popularity. “Ear wax,” or simply “wax” is a powerful concentrate of marijuana that leads to a faster, stronger high. Wax is said to be the most potent form of marijuana on the market, and its appeal seems to be even more profound because of the recent leniency that some states have taken with marijuana.

What Is Wax?

Tucson Residential Treatment CenterWax is the name collectively given to ear wax, butane hash oil or butane honey oil. The drug is made by placing marijuana in a tube and hitting it with a rush of butane to extract the THC. What is left is a gummy substance that looks like ear wax. The drug is then smoked like regular marijuana.

Is It Dangerous?

Since the active ingredient in wax is THC, the high feels very similar to what a teen would get from smoking pot, except stronger. Users usually feel altered sensory perceptions, bright colors, amusement and hunger.

However, THC has hallucinogenic effects, which means wax can produce very bad hallucinations. Some teens have reported extreme paranoia, anxiety, agitation, and psychosis.

Why Is It Popular?

The potency is what makes some drugs more appealing than others, and such is the case with wax. It’s estimated that more than 80% of wax is pure THC, making the drug fast and strong. For teens that want to get high quickly, the wax will do the trick.

Should I Be Concerned?

Law enforcement has expressed concern over the wax and how it could lead to young teens suffering bad hallucinations, psychosis or even brain damage. Unfortunately, law enforcement is often too late in the war against drugs, and the same is true in this instance. Wax, while new to many of us, has been around for at least a decade and is nowhere to stay. In states where marijuana is legal, the wax is even available in some medical dispensaries.

Like any other drug, it’s important to be aware of what wax looks like and the effects it has. Also, keep in mind that the drug may have a less harmful image to your teen because of the growing tolerance of marijuana as a whole. Talk to your teen about the dangers of wax. If you suspect a problem with marijuana, seek a residential treatment center for teens in Arizona right away.

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