Private vs. Public Addiction Treatment Centers: Are They the Same?

For the individual who has acknowledged their addiction to drugs and alcohol, treatment is the next step that can make the difference between life and death. Yet not everyone has the same opportunities when seeking treatment. Some people have insurance and are able to seek out a private rehabilitation center that will be partially or completely covered by the insurance plan. Others are left without any type of insurance or assistance and must rely on the state’s resources.

As in other areas of life, having insurance or financial assistance is helpful because it gives you more choices in terms of treatment. However, this does not mean that those without financial assistance are on their own. The bottom line is that treatment in any form is beneficial to the addict. Programs run by the state, a nonprofit organization or a private organization play a significant role in getting an addict off drugs and onto the path of sobriety, and the cost of the program does not determine its level of quality.

What is Private Rehabilitation?

Arizona Rehabilitation CenterPrivate rehabilitation is run by either a nonprofit or for-profit organization, and patients are responsible for paying the total cost of treatment. Private drug rehabilitation ranges from affordable to luxury treatment, so you’ll find a good mix of options. Unless you are a celebrity or high-profile individual seeking luxury addiction treatment, most rehabs will offer the care you’re looking for.

There are clear advantages to choosing private drug and alcohol treatment centers in Arizona. The simple fact that you’re paying gives you more options and say in your course of treatment. You won’t have to wait for treatment; many treatment centers will take you on the same day. The River Source, for instance, will schedule transportation from the airport and to our facility.

Also, private treatment centers have an assortment of treatment modalities, such as Nutritional IV Therapy, Dry Sauna Detox, Hydrotherapy, Prolotherapy and Naturopathic Detoxification. Additionally, private care will often combine detoxification and treatment services at the same location so that patients can stay in the same facility and continue treatment.

Since private rehabilitation has a smaller number of patients, addicts are able to get more personalized care. At The River Source, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan and leaves with a unique aftercare plan. Various treatments can be added based on the individual’s needs, and things like swimming, hiking, and yoga classes are offered onsite.

What is Public Rehabilitation?

With public rehabilitation, the waiting lists are much longer, and it can take months to be accepted into a program. Although public addiction treatment is open to anyone, it is generally those with no insurance and low-income status that seek this treatment. There are added barriers, such as the fact that many addicts find themselves being placed in detoxification, but then having to wait for treatment. This lapse in time can send a person into using drugs and alcohol again.

Once accepted into treatment, the care is the same as any other facility and includes step meetings and counseling. The difference is that the care is not as personalized, and there are no “extras” like you will find at a private center. Also, because there are so many more patients, the treatment tends to focus more on the group than the individual. There may be as many as 20 people in a group therapy session.

Since public centers are funded by the state, there are fewer accommodations and less staff. Patients may share rooms with four to six other people, and there may not be family therapy offered because of budget constraints. An additional issue is that because many of the people seeking treatment at a public rehab center are court-ordered to do so, not everyone is as committed to getting better as they will be at a private center where they’re paying to be there.

How Can I Pay for Private Treatment?

If you or a loved one is dealing with drug addiction, you will probably find it best to attend a private rehabilitative program because the factors surrounding the care are significantly better and may make the difference in achieving sobriety. The best approach is to work directly with the facility of your choice and determine which options are available for you.

With The River Source, we now accept most insurance plans. Depending on your plan, treatment may be covered in full, or a portion will be covered. We also accept medical financial assistance that you can qualify for based on your income. Additionally, we have lowered our rates to accommodate the needs of our patients, and many of our rates have been reduced by as much as half. With these modifications, more people are able to take advantage of high-quality, premium care at an affordable cost, while getting the help they need immediately.

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