Pros and Cons to Co-Ed Addiction Treatment Programs

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Nowadays, there’s more to think about than outpatient vs inpatient and in-state vs out-of-state treatment. With our nation’s need for drug recovery programs, there are more options than ever before. One aspect that you will need to consider is whether a gender-specific or co-ed treatment center is best for you or a loved one. There is no “right” answer. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and what will help you achieve your recovery goals.
Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of co-ed addiction treatment programs. Co-ed rehabilitation centers are most common in the United States. By being informed, you can make the best decision!

Pros of Choosing Co-Ed Drug Rehabilitation

  • A diverse group of people. Addictions can sometimes occur because of the opposite sex. Living alongside the other gender, engaging in group therapy, etc. allows people to become more comfortable with each other.
  • Preparation for the real world. Obviously, society is not one gender. Younger people who are battling addiction while growing into adults may benefit from co-ed counseling sessions.  This will help them prepare for future interactions.  
  • Develop healthy connections. In a co-ed setting, patients can interact with the opposite sex in a healthy manner. This can help them establish better connections when they are released from treatment.
  • Debunk common misconceptions. It’s common for one gender to have strong opinions about the other, but this is usually based on stereotypes and misconceptions. A co-ed treatment program can put these rumors to rest.

Cons of Choosing Co-Ed Treatment

  • More distraction. It’s common for patients to be distracted from their recoveries in a co-ed drug rehab program. Not only can this distraction interfere with a healthy recovery but also prevent patients from opening up.
  • Greater insecurities and pressures. Some people have had negative experiences with the opposite sex. These individuals might not feel safe or at ease in recovery. This is especially true for women who have lived with abusive men or have a history of trauma.
  • Romantic relationships. Attractions don’t turn off in drug rehab, which means that romantic relationships can form. The staff does discourage these types of relationships, but that doesn’t mean they are always effective.
  • Higher risk for relapse. Let’s say a female patient falls in love with a male patient. This could put them more at risk for relapse because they are focusing on each other and not their recovery.

There is nothing wrong with co-ed programs, but they are not the best fit for everyone. The River Source offers both co-ed and women’s only addiction treatment programs. Let us help you find the right option for you or a loved one. Call us today!

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