Resources to Rely on When Seeking a Drug Rehab Center in Arizona

When a loved one is suffering from addiction, it can be difficult to make arrangements for drug rehabilitation. You may not know where to turn, who to ask. Unlike other areas of life, you can’t just ask anyone for a referral to a treatment center in Arizona. You may feel embarrassed or afraid of being judged. You may want your family to have their privacy during this difficult time. So who do you turn to?

The River Source is experienced and trained in handling phone calls from concerned family and friends. In fact, many people who call our facility are taking the first step to seek professional help for their loved one. We do have suggestions as to who you can contact, as it’s important to get information about what your insurance covers, what treatment centers have the best success rates and what practices will be most beneficial in aiding recovery.

Primary Physician

The best person to talk to, at least initially, is your primary care physician. Doctors are always the best sources for referrals, and if you like and trust your doctor, you can feel more confident that his referral will match your needs. If the doctor has seen your loved one and is familiar with their addiction, he may be able to offer a particular facility based on the situation. For example, many doctors refer their patients to The River Source because of our naturopathic detoxification and therapy that is a good fit for struggling addicts.

Insurance Company

Your insurance company is the next best department to talk to since they can tell you exactly what your plan covers. Some insurance policies will pay for the total cost of Arizona addiction treatment as long as you choose a facility that is covered. Other plans allow you to choose any facility you would like. Insurance companies often have referrals based on the criteria you have, such as location, cost and the length of the program. Other insurance policies will only cover up to a certain dollar amount or a certain length of stay.

Still, many people are left without any type of coverage and must rely on grants or financial aid to help them afford the cost of treatment. By talking to your insurance company first, you can be certain of what is covered and what is not, avoiding the honest mistake of finding a great program that your loved one can’t be admitted to.


The Internet is a wonderful place to browse for answers in the comfort and security of your own home. No one has to know what your family is going through or the decisions you have to make. You can look for addiction treatment facilities across the United States and take the time to read the recommendations from others. Most sites have testimonials from past addicts and their families, and these testimonials can shed light on how successful the program is.

You can also chat with a representative either online or over the phone to learn more about the program. Most treatment centers have representatives standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The River Source does just this, and our representatives show the utmost respect and compassion for our callers. We like to make sure that our program will help the loved one, so we take the time to ask questions and determine whether naturopathic treatment is the right fit.

Personal Referral

Finding a referral for a drug rehabilitation center in Arizona is not always easy to do. That being said, referrals are effective because they come from an individual who has had personal experience. This type of referral is better than any recommendation from a doctor or something you read online because you know the individual and their circumstances.

If you know that your friends or close family members have not had direct experience with addiction, reach out to other communities, such as those at church or after-school programs. You will be surprised at how many people have dealt with drug or alcohol addiction in some way. You may find the same support from your friends’ circle, as well as through friends of your family members.

We find that so many families want their privacy during this intricate time and go through great lengths to hide the addiction. However, the sooner you realize that recovery thrives off collective support, the sooner you can reach out to those who can really make a difference.

If you need someone to talk to, never hesitate to call The River Source at 866-294-9331.

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