Hitting Rock Bottom: 4 Crises That Can Prompt Recovery


Despite popular belief, you do NOT have to hit rock bottom to seek professional treatment. While some addicts will end up waiting to get help until they reach this point, it’s not something you need to wait for. Treatment is helpful at all stages of addiction. Treating the disease sooner than later often leads to faster and more successful recoveries.

Unfortunately, many people cannot get clean until they reach their lowest point. Each person is unique, so what’s considered “rock bottom” to one person may be different to another. In general, there are specific crises that take place that can lead an addict to sobriety. Let’s take a look at what these are.

1. Arrest

When abusing drugs and alcohol, there’s always the possibility of being arrested. Usually, people are arrested due to stealing, driving under the influence or being in possession of drugs. An arrest can push someone into recovery because they are in jail and can’t access drugs, or they are appointed by the courts to get help. It’s also possible that an arrest is a wake-up call, especially in a domestic situation.

2. Child Neglect

Another “ah ha” moment for some addicts is when their children are taken away. Addicts, like all parents, love their children. But, it’s difficult to be a responsible adult when abusing drugs and alcohol. If there is some type of abuse or neglect in the home, social services, the police and the courts will get involved. Children may be placed with a relative or in foster care, which can encourage a parent to get clean.

3. Accident

People who are high or intoxicated are more likely to be involved in an accident. You’ve probably heard countless stories of addicts stumbling into pools, falling off balconies or walking onto railroad tracks. An unfortunate accident can give addicts the push they need to seek professional help, especially in close call situations or when the person has become permanently disabled.

4. Overdose

With advancements in medicine, some people who overdose are able to be saved. Living through an overdose is an eye-opening experience. Not only can this experience encourage a person to get healthy, but also the hospital may refer the person to an inpatient treatment facility. Unfortunately, not all addicts who overdose will get this opportunity.

These are just a few of the crises that can prompt an addict to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol problem. Sometimes, addicts need crushing revelations to admit their problem and commit to sobriety. In other cases, families can stage an intervention and get their loved one help before one of these four things happen. If you’re not sure what to do in your situation, call The River Source. All calls are confidential.