Sauna Detox: How It Can Be a Part of Addiction Treatment

Sweating Out Toxins in the Sauna

Detox is often the first step in the drug and alcohol recovery process. During medical detox, for example, the chemicals and toxins associated with the individual’s substance addiction are slowly weaned from the body. The River Source offers medical detox, but we complement our treatments with naturopathic therapies like infrared sauna detox, which is not supported and even speeds up the toxins built up in the person’s system for months or even years of substance abuse.

Detox targets the physical aspect of alcohol or drug addiction. Although it does not cure addiction, it helps the individual overcome their physical dependence on the substance in question. Once the individual stops using this substance, the body will start to experience withdrawal symptoms, usually between 24-72 hours from the last use. These symptoms can be unpleasant, involving headache, muscle ache, fatigue, nausea, and others, but clinicians can provide medications to reduce the severity of these symptoms.

Infrared sauna detox is an increasingly popular therapy during the overall medical detox process. It can speed up the release of toxins from the body. Its heat can relieve the body’s aches, making detox more relaxing. Unfortunately, not all Arizona detox and rehab centers offer infrared sauna treatment, but The River Source does.

We offer sauna detox treatment as part of our naturopathic treatment offerings. We rely on evidence-based and naturopathic therapies to provide clients with well-rounded recovery support. Sauna detox can help advance your recovery. Once detox is complete, you can begin the next phase of your treatment plan, learning how to manage your triggers to use and prevent relapse.

The heat of sauna treatments causes a person to sweat; toxins are released from the body as they sweat. It’s believed that the use of sauna treatment stretches back 3,000 years. In Finland, as many as three million saunas serve its roughly five million citizens. Sweating triggers not only the release of environmental toxins but also induces calm feelings. In Finland, saunas are a favorite activity for unwinding after a long day.

Some addiction treatment centers have embraced the sauna tradition, incorporating the therapy into their detox program. After months or even years of alcohol or drug abuse, a person’s system may be loaded with toxin buildup. The sooner they can release these chemicals from their bodies, the sooner they can overcome their substance dependence and begin to feel well again.

It’s important to remember that no detox therapy ‘cures’ addiction. Detox helps the individual overcome their physical substance dependence. However, substance addiction is a complex condition. In addition to its physical dependence, it also involves psychological and behavioral dependence. Unless these aspects are treated, relapse is commonplace. At the River Source, we offer a full range of addiction treatments that target all aspects of addiction, helping clients form a strong foundation for their continued recovery journey.

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Can Sauna Detox Be Part of Addiction Treatment?

At The River Source, we include sauna detox as part of our medical detox program for clients who want to experience its benefits. Sauna treatment is safe and natural and enhances numerous aspects of the recovery process. It’s not uncommon for rehabs offering clinically driven programs based on conventional addiction treatments to include many alternative and holistic treatment offerings that support recovery.

Our rehab offers several naturopathic therapies that enhance the recovery process; infrared sauna treatment is one therapy that helps clients get through detox more quickly and comfortably. By promoting deep cleansing, sauna treatment releases unhealthy bodily toxins, helping individuals become weaned from the substance they’re addicted to.

5 Things That Sauna Detox Does

Sauna detox is associated with many benefits that include:


Sauna therapy promotes the release of toxins and chemicals from the body. Chemicals related to substance abuse aren’t the only toxins that are likely to build up in the body. The environment with its pollutants also contributes to toxin buildup. While our bodies are equipped with processes designed to pass these toxins through our system, we can become overwhelmed with them, which is frequently the case with substance addiction. Sauna promotes and speeds up our body’s natural detoxification processes, helping us to get rid of toxins more quickly. Once the alcohol and drug toxins are removed from the body, the individual no longer feels physically dependent on them. They can then focus on learning how to manage their psychological and behavioral triggers to use drugs or alcohol.

Relief from Muscle and Joint Aches

Feeling achy is a common withdrawal symptom. Sauna detox can provide substantial relief from the aches and pains associated with withdrawal. The sauna’s heat soothes sore and aching muscles, helping the individual get through the detox process with greater comfort.

Stress Relief

While many withdrawal symptoms are physical in nature, some may involve feelings of anxiety and depression. Sauna detox is known to support stress relief, which can ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. After sauna therapy, clients typically feel more relaxed and can rest comfortably. As clients will eventually learn, stress management is an important part of recovery. Stress can be a powerful trigger to abuse alcohol or drugs. Sauna treatment is a safe and natural way to reduce stress. Finding healthful stress relief methods helps clients adopt new ways of coping with their stressors.

Circulation Support

Sauna treatment can increase heart rate to promote improved circulation. Better circulation means that toxins can be pushed out through the body more quickly. Though it seems the contrary, people leave sauna treatment more relaxed and rejuvenated. This feeling of rejuvenation is associated with both stress relief and improved circulation.

Improved Sleep

During the detox process, clients may experience sleep disturbances or insomnia. Drug and alcohol addiction and withdrawal impede many of the body’s normal processes like sleep. Sauna treatment can promote better sleep quality. Clients who experience insomnia may find that they begin to sleep better after infrared sauna detox treatment.

Sauna DetoxGet Naturopathic Addiction Treatment and Sauna Detox at The River Source

The River Source is devoted to helping our clients recover with evidence-based and safe naturopathic health treatments like sauna detox. Our addiction treatment center offers a full continuum of care that includes medical (and naturopathic) detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and lifetime alumni support. We support whole-person recovery by treating the mind, body, and spirit.

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it’s important to find a rehab center that will individualize therapy, ensuring that you get the support you need. We have a reputation for our high success rates. In fact, we’re one of the few rehabs you’ll find that guarantees our treatment. Clients who complete our full treatment program are eligible to return for free treatment if they relapse within one year of the program. Our programs make a difference in people’s lives and health. Let us help you reclaim your health and well-being from the grip of addiction. Contact us at 866-294-9331 to learn more about our clinically driven and naturopathic therapies.

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