Self-Care for People With an Addict in the Family

Coping With Addiction in a Loved One

Often, the focus falls on the person who is suffering from substance abuse. However, addictions impact friends and families just as severely. Knowing how to deal with addiction and practicing self-care strategies is vital, so their drug or alcohol addiction does not drag you down. For family members of addiction, there is more than just getting addiction treatment for the loved one.

Drug addiction affects everyone and issues are not automatically healed when the person goes off to drug rehab. Coping with addiction and alcoholism is a long-term process for the addict and their loved ones, even long after they get drug addiction treatment. Several ways to help you cope and heal from a loved one’s addiction include individual therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, and support groups.

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Why Self-Care Matters

Dealing with someone who is struggling with substance abuse can be difficult and taxing. Taking care of yourself is important to avoid burnout and will allow you to be better and more present for your addicted loved one. You cannot control whether your loved one will seek help from an addiction treatment center, but you can control how you treat yourself. Selfcare tips include setting healthy boundaries, eating a balanced meal, exercising, getting a full night’s sleep, and doing the things you love.

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Support for Loved Ones of Addicts

Some ways you can practice self-care strategies and get support while your loved one is struggling with addiction are:

Find support groups

Support groups like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon can help you feel less alone. These groups can help you as you deal with a loved one’s addiction with others navigating addiction in their family.

Seek therapy

Talking to a professional can help you heal from the pain a loved one’s addiction may have on you. You can also learn how to help them without enabling them and learn better communication skills

Learn as much as possible about the disease

Education can help you understand the disease and that drug addiction is not a choice that can help you let go of anger and resentment. It can also help boost your sense of hope and learn how to better support them.

Examine any codependent habits of your own

Codependency can enable your loved one’s addiction and alcoholism. It is important to examine how your behaviors may be impacting their substance abuse inadvertently. Examining those behaviors and changing them can be difficult, but it can make the difference between your loved one getting help or continuing down the path of substance abuse.

self care for people with an addict in the familyHow Families Can Best Support a Loved One With Addiction

The best way to help someone with substance use disorders may feel harsh, especially if you have been struggling with a codependent relationship, but remember the ultimate goal is to get them to get addiction treatment and overcome their substance abuse. Some ways to help support your loved one are:

  • Remember addiction is not a choice but a disease
  • Set healthy boundaries and stick by them
  • Encourage the individual to go to drug rehab which may include finding addiction treatment resources
  • Find a therapist of you who specializes in addiction counseling
  • Lead by example, and give up recreational drug and alcohol abuse. Also taking care of your physical health can help encourage them to do the same.
  • Be supportive but do not cover up for their problems. The person struggling with addiction needs to deal with the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Go to family meetings for 12-step programs for addiction and alcoholism.
  • Participate in family therapy and couples counseling which can help everyone discuss their feelings and address how addiction affects the family.

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