September is National Recovery Month!

Welcome to September – or as we in the recovery community know it as – National Recovery Month!

Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to raise awareness and help others better understand substance abuse disorders. This month is also a time to celebrate those who are going through recovery, whether they are new to the process or veterans. As we know, recovery is a lifelong process that involves constant attention, smart choices and awareness.

This month’s theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities. We really like this theme because we feel that families and communities need to be strengthened, as we are all facing a heroin epidemic. Everyone is affected in some way. Assuming it’s poor choices, a lack of self-control or bad parenting is not going to help families or communities heal. To fight the opioid crisis, we must come together, support those in need and grow our understanding of addiction.

Ways to Celebrate National Recovery Month

If you are a recovering addict or know someone who is, there are many ways to promote recovery. Don’t feel ashamed – be proud! Addiction is a devastating disease that many people lose their battles with. Beating the odds and living a life of sobriety is something to be celebrated, not pushed under the rug. We recommend visiting this page where you can download logos, banners, flyers, and a toolkit to help promote National Recovery Month.

During the month of September, there are also many wonderful events to take part in. If you click on this link, you can find events in your area or plan your own event. There is something for everyone to enjoy, ranging from yoga classes to rallies to 5K runs/walks. Find something that fits your interests and goes for it!

If you’re not comfortable being open about your recovery, that’s OK too. We are all different, and we all heal in unique ways. You can benefit by quietly connecting with this cause at home. Follow Recovery Month on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. This way, you can receive updates, be motivated by positive messages and feel connected to others.

Remember, fall is a great time to seek recovery! Call The River Source to learn about our affordable, convenient and effective treatment options that can start as soon as today.

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