Small Groups: Educational and 12-step Methods

At The River Source we use a combination of evidence based and proven Educational / Spiritual programs such as: Twelve Step and the Change Companies MEE journals.

The Twelve Step method is the most effective addiction program in the world. We use the 12-step approach because it is proven and it works. At The River Source we strongly encourage our clients to immerse themselves in actively working the steps in groups, in workshops and individually with sponsors. Clients are required to complete worksheets on the first three steps and present their final product in group. From our experience with long-term recovery we know that it is not sufficient to grasp Step One intellectually.

We have to “concede to our innermost selves” on a heart-felt, gut-felt, subconscious level this critical first step. Our staff assists clients in moving from an intellectual understanding to a deep feeling level. Experience shows that many people relapse because they have been “compliant” with Step One rather than “accepting.” The motivation to quickly and thoroughly work through all 12 steps comes from a heartfelt Step One experience. Much like AA pioneers did in the 1940’s when long-term sobriety success rates were above 80% (as compared to below 20% nationwide today) The River Source requires all clients to attend four workshops, with assigned temporary sponsors, in which all 12-Steps are clearly and concisely explained. Many clients report that as a result of working the steps through these workshops they gain an understanding of how the 12-Step process works that had eluded them even with years of 12-Step meeting attendance. Most importantly within a 30-day timeframe, clients are able to experience real change in their thinking, feeling and behavior as a result of working the steps – and they are able to establish conscious contact with a power greater than themselves of their own understanding.

Long-term sobriety requires continued action. It is imperative that once clients leave treatment, they continue to work the program of recovery – which is practicing (or living) the steps with the guidance of a sponsor and sponsoring others- and also being well-connected within the 12-Step fellowship of their choosing. At The River Source we don’t just tell our clients that after treatment they need to, “Get a sponsor, get a Home Group, get a service commitment, and continue working the steps.” We actually provide the means by which they can already experience the benefits of these essential “suggestions” while still in treatment. Clients are provided the opportunity to work with experienced sponsors, obtain a Home Group (either on site or out in the community) obtain a service commitment and work all of the steps, privately and as thoroughly as they can. At The River Source clients are not told what to do in the future, they do it – NOW.

In addition to offering twelve step optimum structure, The River Source and Change Companies®’ MEE (Motivational, Educational and Experiential) Journal System provides flexibility by allowing our clients to choose from several topics relating to substance dependency and addictive behaviors.

Research experts in behavioral change and Senior Advisors to the Change Companies®, David Mee-Lee, M.D., William R. Miller, Ph.D., and James Prochaska, Ph.D., have contributed to the editing off the MEE Journal System to best assist end users in the process of making life changes. Journal content and questions have been strengthened to ensure adherence with evidence-based change strategies while maintaining the user-friendly approach you have come to expect in providing resources for each person real life situation.

Each individual in the River Source Treatment Program will use educational tools such as: “Getting Started Journal”, “Personal Journal”, and “Healthy Family and Other Relationships”

Click on the links below to see samples of the content that will help you or your loved one live a life “Free of Chemical Dependency.”
Free Of Chemical Dependency Getting Started
Free Of Chemical Dependency Journal
Free Of Chemical Dependency Family and Others

See website Change Companies website for other resources that we can use at the River Source Treatment Center by clicking on the website link and go to MEE journals: MEE Adult Treatment


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