What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Relapse After Rehab?

It’s a huge accomplishment when you successfully complete a drug rehab program. And rightfully so. You’ve gone through some of the hardest parts of recovery, which include admitting that you have a problem, accepting help, going through detox and staying committed to a recovery program. But now that you have transitioned out of treatment, you probably have one thing hanging over your head: relapse.

Relapse is a warranted concern. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that relapse rates for a drug addiction following treatment are between 40 and 60 percent. Despite these gloomy statistics, you must remember that relapse prevention is completely possible. In fact, people do it every day.

As you ask yourself, “How do I prevent relapse?” keep these following tips in mind.

Steps To Take To Prevent Relapse After Rehab

Avoid Tempting Situations

Recovery is a lot of work, and it’s normal to want to rush through a few steps because you’re feeling so good. However, taking it slow and steady is best. Don’t put yourself in tempting situations that you’re not ready for. Avoid going to places that will remind you of your using days, and avoid hanging out with people who might tempt you to drink or use.

Stay On Your Toes

Often when people relapse, it’s because they got too comfortable in their recovery. Take it slow and nurture yourself through the recovery process without getting overconfident. Continue going to 12-step meetings, take part in an online continuing care program and follow the tips above. Relapse prevention through continuing care is an important part of long-term recovery.

Build A Strong Support Network

Friends and family are more important than ever right now. The key is choosing the right people to be in your life. Who encouraged you to start treatment? Who stood by you while you were in rehab? Who has continued to support your recovery now that you’re home? These are the people who should be in your support network. Break ties with those who are not good influences.

Take Care Of Yourself

Probably the best way to prevent relapse is by taking care of yourself. It’s a simple but important thing to do. Eat healthy, nutritious foods throughout the day, fit in exercise on a regular basis and have constructive ways of dealing with stress such as yoga or meditation. When you take care of yourself and maintain a fit spiritual condition, you are less likely to relapse.

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