New Study Documents the Importance of Continuing Care

At The River Source, we have always believed in the importance of continuing care following treatment. While time spent in rehab is vital, it’s not enough to continue lifelong sobriety. An effective treatment plan should always include aftercare and support services.

Addiction is Chronic. Continuing Care is Necessary

A recent report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows that nearly 2.15 million Americans have a diagnosable substance use disorder. Because addiction is a chronic disease, it’s crucial that we continue to seek effective methods of treatment that support long-term recovery.

The same report highlights that while residential care is highly effective, relapse rates are between 37-56 percent. This means multiple trips back to treatment as well as the continued risks of overdose, jail time and death.

Aftercare services can significantly improve a recovering addict’s chance of staying sober. Unfortunately, only half of addicts who have gone through treatment participate in the necessary continuing care programs. We must continue to work on these programs to make them accessible and practical for recovering addicts.

Reducing Barriers to Long Term Sobriety

At the 2016 Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of New York State conference, NYU researchers presented the results of a study that analyzed the hurdles to a successful transition from inpatient rehab. Participants in the study reported that unmet personal needs, limited sober support networks and returning to stressful environments all negatively impacted their sobriety.

Knowing this, researchers are encouraging treatment centers to offer more services that reduce these barriers. Specifically, treatment centers must connect with patients as much as possible and make known the various resources available in the community.

The River Source Offers Continuing Care

The River Source has always seen the benefits of continuing care, and we continue to adjust our program so that it better meets the needs of our patients. Here are a few features included with our program.  

  • Use of our naturopathic clinic

  • Sobriety checks

  • Alumni accountability

  • Weekly groups and 12-step meetings

To learn more about our continuing care program, call The River Source today.