Is Summer a Good Time for an Intervention?

Professional InterventionistWith summer fast approaching, you may be wondering if now is a good time to confront your loved one regarding their alcohol problem. It’s very difficult to watch a loved one continue to use alcohol when you see it causing problems in their life. But if they don’t want to get help, is there anything you can do? Actually, there is.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a powerful tool that allows families to come together and confront their loved one in a safe and loving environment. A professional interventionist, therapist or mediator should always be present. When done properly, an intervention can be extremely effective at getting an addict to acknowledge their problem and accept help.

Is Summer the Best Time?

Now that summer is here, you’re probably concerned about the increase in alcohol and how your loved one will respond. Is now a good time for an intervention? It can be.

Waiting out the summer can make your loved one’s drinking problem worse. With more opportunities to go out with friends and drink, your loved one may find more excuses to continue their behavior. They may also find it easier to hide behind their problem because “everyone is drinking.”

Here are a few reasons why staging an intervention this summer may be ideal.

  • Greater Chance for Recovery.

    Waiting to stage an intervention only grants more time for the addiction to worsen. By addressing the problem now, you’re not giving your loved one the chance to abuse alcohol all summer long.

  • Extended Time Off.

    If your loved one agrees to help, there may be more time to dedicate to getting clean. Summer usually brings more flexible schedules with work and school, making it easier on both of you.

  • Additional Support.

    Perhaps siblings are in from college or extended family is coming to stay with you. Summer is a time for family, and your loved one may be able to get additional support if they accept the help.

  • Mind, Body, Spirit.

    Summer is a time for being active, which can be conducive to your loved one’s recovery. If they get help now, they can start recovery in the real world while the weather’s still warm and the days are still long. This makes it easier to be active, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and practice yoga and meditation.

If you are concerned about a loved one and their unhealthy relationship with alcohol, please consider staging an intervention. Speak with a professional interventionist who can guide you in the right direction.

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