Naturopathic Treatment in Addiction Recovery

naturopathic treatment

Another Set of Tools in the Fight Against Addiction When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, one treatment is not an effective treatment for everyone. The best chance at long-term recovery from substance abuse is personalized treatment programs that address all aspects of a person affected by addiction, including the mind, body, and spirit. […]

Amino Acid Therapy After Substance Abuse

amino acid therapy

A Wide Range of Therapy Options for Addiction Treatment When it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, there is no one-size-fits-all. Substance use disorders will manifest differently in each person and require various therapies to address addiction’s physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Individual and group therapy sessions will make up most addiction recovery […]

Infrared Sauna for Detox: The Benefits for Addiction Recovery

infrared sauna for detox

What Is an Infrared Sauna? Saunas have long been used for their potential health benefits and for relaxation. Research has shown that saunas can help improve mental health cardiovascular health and detox the body. While traditional saunas heat up the air and may have some steam mechanisms, infrared saunas are a newer type of heat […]

Rehab Alumni Programs: Staying Connected After Finding Recovery

5 Reasons to Keep in Touch After a Rehab Program Leaving The River Source after completing a drug and alcohol rehab program is only the beginning of a lifelong journey in sobriety. Although you have made incredible strides in your recovery, you will need to continue practicing what you learned for many years. Staying in […]

How to Prevent a Relapse After Rehab

How to Prevent a Relapse After Rehab The River Source Addiction Treatment Center

What is a Relapse? A relapse is when a recovering individual stops maintaining their goals of reducing or avoiding the use of drugs and alcohol and returns to previous levels of use. Repetitive substance abuse causes the body to get used to and reliant on drugs or alcohol, which can cause continual cravings even when […]

Pros and Cons to Co-Ed Addiction Treatment Programs

Pros and Cons Addiction Treatment Programs

<![CDATA[ Nowadays, there’s more to think about than outpatient vs inpatient and in-state vs out-of-state treatment. With our nation’s need for drug recovery programs, there are more options than ever before. One aspect that you will need to consider is whether a gender-specific or co-ed treatment center is best for you or a loved one. […]

Self-Monitoring: Take Charge of Your Recovery

Take Charge of Your Recovery

Self-monitoring is an effective tool that can help recovering addicts change undesirable behaviors. It is a part of behavior therapy. The idea behind self-monitoring is that behaviors can be changed when the individual sees what they are doing. It’s similar to looking in the mirror, observing your behavior and setting relevant goals. We all practice […]

Why Do People Relapse Years After Being Clean?

Relapse Years After Being Clean

We hear the stories all the time. A lawyer or athlete or actress who has been clean for 10 years or more suddenly relapses. It can make for good TV or news briefs, but for you, it’s real life. What would make someone turn to drugs or alcohol after being sober for 20 years? Getting […]

Returning to College in Recovery

Returning to College in Recovery

One of the best things about seeking professional treatment for a substance abuse problem is that you have a second chance at life. This may include starting your dream job, raising your family or returning to school. Each path has unique challenges. By being honest with yourself, you can develop strategies for dealing with the […]

Breaking the Cycle of Codependency


When you’re close to someone who has a drug or alcohol problem, it’s only natural that the relationship has some level of worry, fear, stress and anxiety. What happens if your husband doesn’t come home? What will your daughter do if you stop giving her money? With so much going on in these types of […]

September is National Recovery Month!

National Recovery Month

Welcome to September – or as we in the recovery community know it as – National Recovery Month! Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to raise awareness and help others better understand substance abuse disorders. This month is also a time to celebrate those who are going through recovery, whether they are new to the […]

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), nearly 25 million Americans over 12 years of age used an illicit drug in the month before the 2011 survey. This means that almost 10 percent of the population over the age of 12 could be classified as a current drug user. This number […]