Is Holistic Drug Rehab an Inpatient or Outpatient Program?

Many traditional addiction rehab services treat nothing more than the chemical dependency to a substance, but this is not always the best course of action for those that are struggling with an addiction. While there may be a few immediate improvements when treating the chemical addiction, it often takes a much greater scope of services […]

What Can Holistic Rehab Really Do for Me?

Rehabilitation is a process that starts with you. Not only must you make the decision to enroll in a rehab program, but you also need to choose to thrive in the setting. Starting off the sessions with an abrasive attitude toward holistic rehab can block you off from some of the major benefits it has […]

Why Holistic Care Should Be Considered for Addiction Treatment

By the time an addict agrees to go to rehab, the family unit is exhausted. It may be months or even years that the addiction has been going on, and yet more decisions need to be made. One of the most important decisions is where the addict will seek treatment. Will they choose inpatient or […]

Is Holistic Drug Rehab Faith-Based?

Drug or alcohol rehabilitation therapy can be a literal lifesaver for many individuals. However, the approach based on Western medical practices often treats the addition as a discrete issue, rather than a single aspect of the whole individual. Holistic rehabilitation practices are just that. This article will examine the primary differences of holistic therapy, as […]

The Difference Between Holistic and Traditional Drug Rehab Programs

  Holistic drug and traditional rehabilitation programs use varying approaches to treat lifestyle choices and chemical dependency addictions. Each of these methodologies is centered on a client receiving direct and effective care for chronic chemical dependency. Many of the inpatient residents at rehabilitation facilities have a long term problem with using a substance as an […]

What Is Meant By Holistic Drug Rehab?

Allopathy, better known as mainstream medicine, certainly has its place. For example, if you break a bone, there is nothing else at play behind the injury, so there’s no need to address issues like anxiety or poor sleep habits. The bone simply needs to be fixed. However, there are some areas of treatment in which […]

How Holistic Drug Rehab Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Holistic drug rehab treatment centers are established as an alternative to traditional centers where 12-step programs and medication take center stage. In holistic facilities, programs offer natural healing techniques to remove the toxins built up from substance abuse. These treatment facilities are becoming increasingly popular. With an estimated 2.1 million hospital emergency room visits linked […]

Why Holistic Care Offers the Best Outcome

When looking for a treatment center for a loved one struggling with addiction, you’ll find that there are distinct differences among the inpatient programs. How these recovery centers treat addiction is a critical point to consider, as it will ultimately shape the type of treatment your loved one receives. The River Source follows a holistic […]