Why is it Important to Take Responsibility?

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Taking responsibility is a hard thing to do. It’s even harder when you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Pointing fingers is easier and directs attention away from you. While this may make you feel better, for the time being, it doesn’t offer any benefits in the long run. In fact, it can damage […]

Self-Monitoring: Take Charge of Your Recovery

Take Charge of Your Recovery

Self-monitoring is an effective tool that can help recovering addicts change undesirable behaviors. It is a part of behavior therapy. The idea behind self-monitoring is that behaviors can be changed when the individual sees what they are doing. It’s similar to looking in the mirror, observing your behavior and setting relevant goals. We all practice […]

Finding and Keeping Your Motivation

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Staying motivated in recovery can be difficult. This can come as a surprise to those who felt restored when first leaving treatment. Being newly sober is rejuvenating for some individuals. However, as you settle into everyday life, your motivation can decrease. It could be for any number of reasons such as work, fatigue, family troubles […]

How Aromatherapy Helps with Addiction Recovery

Aromatherapy Helps with Addiction Recovery

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that can reduce the symptoms and discomforts associated with certain conditions. All over the world, people have used plant materials and aromatic ingredients to boost their mental, physical and spiritual health. Amazingly, just one essential oil can contain hundreds of therapeutic compounds. For those recovering from a drug or alcohol […]

Best Hobbies for Mental Health

Hobbies for Mental Health

Hobbies are important for everyone. They are especially important for teens and adults going through addiction recovery. Unfortunately, many newly recovering addicts aren’t sure what types of activities they enjoy. Addiction tends to strip people of who they are, and it can take time to find the things that were once loved. Let’s explore the […]

2018 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Mental Health

2018 Better Mental Health

With New Year’s around the corner, it’s a great time to commit yourself to change. Most people use this time of the year to focus on their physical health or careers but we suggest giving attention toward your mental health. By making your emotional health a top priority, you increase your chances for long-term sobriety. […]

How to Be More Present in Your Everyday Life

How to Be More Present in Your Everyday Life

As you begin your recovery, you will learn different strategies for managing stressful situations. One of them is mindfulness. The goal of mindfulness is to help you become more present in your everyday life. It’s harder than it sounds! Fortunately, the more you practice being mindful, the easier it becomes. Tips for Being More Present […]

What are The Six Stages of Change in Addiction?

Stages of Change in Addiction

In the book, Changing for Good, personal change is discussed. The book was written by researchers James O. Prochaska and Carlo C. DiClemente who studied more than 1,000 people who changed their lives. Though the six stages were initially described for any type of positive change, they are most widely used and accepted in the […]

10 Strategies for Coping with Clinical Depression

Coping with Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is one of the most common mental health conditions that people seek treatment for. It’s also closely linked to substance abuse. Research scientists believe that both genetics and the environment play a role in the onset of depression and addiction. To successfully recover from both disorders, each one needs to be addressed and […]

How to Prevent Compassion Fatigue

Prevent Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is common in helping professions, but the condition can also affect people who are caring for a loved one with a substance abuse problem. The condition is characterized by physical and emotional exhaustion and a significant decrease in the ability to empathize. It may come as no surprise that people with the most […]

Will Substance Abuse Be Covered in 2020?

Substance Abuse Covered in 2020

Under the Affordable Care Act, mental health and substance abuse services are covered as essential health benefits. All plans must cover behavioral health treatment (counseling, psychotherapy), mental and behavioral health inpatient services and substance use disorder treatment. Your specific health benefits depend on the state you live in and the health plan you choose. However, […]