Nutrition Tips for Newly Recovering Addicts

Nutrition Tips Recovering Addicts

When our addiction specialists meet new patients for the first time, we aren’t just concerned with the drugs and alcohol they have been consuming. We also want to know what food they have been consuming. A nutrition screening is important because it provides insight into the addict’s nutrition habits. Has their addiction impaired them to […]

Favorite Salsa Recipe For A Get Together

Favorite Salsa Recipe For A Sober Get Together

According to some sales reports, salsa has topped ketchup as the most popular condiment! And it’s no surprise why. Salsa is full of flavor and can include anything from tomatoes to mangoes to fresh herbs. Plus, it’s a healthy pick when you use fresh ingredients. Tomatoes contain heart-healthy lycopenes, cilantro is packed with vitamin C […]

What Role Should Nutrition Play In Addiction Recovery?

What Role Should Nutrition Play In Addiction Recovery

Who would have thought that eating healthy could go a long way in helping you stay sober? But it’s true. Putting the right foods into your body provides it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong and healthy. Nutrients don’t just feed the body. They also provide fuel for the brain so […]

Healthy Fall Recipe: Slow Cooker 3-Bean Chili

Healthy Fall Recipe Slow Cooker 3-Bean Chili

Healthy eating habits are important for everyone, but they are especially important for those recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Many people who suffer from addiction or another mental health disorder also have poor eating habits. In fact, SAMHSA reports that 42% of people with mental illness are obese. As you get further out […]

Importance Of Eating Right And Exercising While Becoming Sober

Diet and exercise are key components to a successful drug rehabilitation program. It can take time for you to develop a healthy eating and exercise regimen, but you can build on what you learn in recovery. During the detox process here at The River Source, a dry sauna is used to remove harmful toxins from the […]

5 Ways Nutrition Helps Recovery

5 Ways Nutrition Helps Recovery

Some people used to think that when an individual was going through a recovery program, they didn’t have to worry about what they ate or drank. They could indulge in all the sweets and junk food they wanted because they had bigger problems to worry about. Today, we know better. Research suggests that eating healthy […]

Healthy Recipe For Nutrition In Sobriety: Chickpea Avocado Mash With Lemon

Healthy Recipe for Nutrition in Sobriety

Now that you’re in recovery, you’ll find that tastes and flavors are more vibrant than ever before. This is a great opportunity to experiment with healthy recipes that bring out the amazing complexities of fresh produce. Through nutritional education for addicts, you’ll find countless recipes to try. Don’t worry if you’ve never boiled a pot […]