5 Great Reasons to Seek Drug Rehab

Seek Drug Rehab

  Once you admit that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, the next step is to seek treatment from a licensed addiction treatment center. Some people think that there is some benefit in waiting, but this is not true. Waiting to get help gives you more time to use drugs and alcohol and […]

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Center in 2018

hoose a Drug Rehab Center

When it comes time to evaluate your options for a drug rehab center in Arizona, what types of things do you look for first? Even though there are many treatment facilities around the country, the best ones have a few traits in common. With a New Year to celebrate, now is a great time to […]

How Quickly Can You Get Into Rehab?

Get Into Rehab

Once your loved one agrees to get help for their substance abuse problem, how long does it take to get into an Arizona rehab? For some people, treatment does not start right away. The main reason why this happens is that nearby detox facilities might not have spaces available. Not only are more people suffering […]

Packing for Rehab: Items to Bring

Items to Bring on Rehab

Packing for inpatient rehab is not as glamorous as packing for vacation. You won’t find an Instagram photo of your suitcase with the caption, “Can’t wait to be in treatment!” While a rehabilitation program may not be a luxury vacation, it’s much more important and life-changing. You may not be coming home with a tan, […]

How to Find a Rehab that Works

How to Find a Rehab that Works

Seeking addiction treatment is a major commitment. Rehab is usually not free and may exhaust some financial resources. It also requires time and effort, as addicts in treatment may be away from home for a month or longer. During that time, families need to pick up the slack and care for children, pay bills or […]