Why Do People Relapse Years After Being Clean?

Relapse Years After Being Clean

We hear the stories all the time. A lawyer or athlete or actress who has been clean for 10 years or more suddenly relapses. It can make for good TV or news briefs, but for you, it’s real life. What would make someone turn to drugs or alcohol after being sober for 20 years? Getting […]

Is Relapse More Common Over the Holidays?

Relapse is Common in Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time. People tend to overextend themselves socially, physically and financially. You can find countless articles online on this very subject – some funny, some serious. Holiday stress is a very real and very understandable thing. We can just imagine how stressful it can be for recovering addicts. A simple […]

Cross Addiction: Here’s What You Need to Know

Cross Addiction

Cross addiction is when a person moves from one addiction to another. It can be common for newly recovering addicts to relapse, but they don’t always return to the same drug. In some cases, the user thinks they can “control” the new drug. For example, someone who abused heroin might abuse prescription painkillers because they […]

The Link Between Relapse and Overdose

Relapse and Overdose

Relapse can be an unfortunate part of the recovery process for some individuals. Those who struggle with sobriety can find it difficult to stay away from drugs and alcohol, especially when experiencing stressful situations. Relapse carries a lot of emotion for the addict and their support team. However, it also carries something else that many […]

How to Spot an Addict in Relapse

Addict in Relapse

When your loved one returns home from treatment, the recovery process is not complete. Recovery is an ongoing process that has its fair share of good and bad days. In time, things get easier, but relapse is never out of the question. When recovering addicts face stressful situations, it’s possible for them to return to […]

How Outpatient Treatment Can Help Lower Relapse Risk

Outpatient Treatment Can Help Lower Relapse Risk

When you first start the journey to sobriety, the whole process can feel intimidating. One person tells you that the hardest part is admitting you have a problem, while another tells you it’s the detox process. Once you’re through this, you may have new people telling you about treatment and therapy and continuing care. No […]

What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Relapse After Rehab?

What Steps Can I Take To Prevent Relapse After Rehab-RiverSource

It’s a huge accomplishment when you successfully complete a drug rehab program. And rightfully so. You’ve gone through some of the hardest parts of recovery, which include admitting that you have a problem, accepting help, going through detox and staying committed to a recovery program. But now that you have transitioned out of treatment, you […]

How Do I Prevent Relapse?

Prevent Relapse

If you or someone you love has successfully completed a drug rehab program, this is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. But as happy as you may be feeling, there’s bound to be some worries hanging over your head. One of the biggest concerns is a relapse. There is no magic wand that […]