Sauna Detox: How It Can Be a Part of Addiction Treatment

Sauna Detox

Sweating Out Toxins in the Sauna Detox is often the first step in the drug and alcohol recovery process. During medical detox, for example, the chemicals and toxins associated with the individual’s substance addiction are slowly weaned from the body. The River Source offers medical detox, but we complement our treatments with naturopathic therapies like […]

Sauna Detox: The Safe Way to Eliminate Toxins

Sauna Detox Eliminate Toxins

The River Source offers infrared sauna treatments to assist patients in the detox and recovery process. Sauna detox is becoming a more popular method for treating certain conditions, but it’s still new to many people. Regardless of what an infrared sauna treatment is being used for – fibromyalgia, heart support or drug addiction – the […]