What are Designer Drugs?

Designer Drugs

Parents and loved ones have had enough to worry about with cocaine, heroin and marijuana, but that hasn’t stopped other drugs from emerging. Designer drugs, or club drugs, are some of the most powerful drugs out there. Sadly, they can be some of the easiest to obtain. These drugs are produced in illegal laboratories using […]

Bath Salt Use In Teens

Bath Salt Use In Teens

As little as three years ago, bath salts were legally available in head shops, gas stations and online. They were sold in foil packets under names like Blue Silk or Cloud Nine, with the words “not for human consumption” printed on them. This was done to escape legal restrictions, and because the drug technically used […]

Beware the Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

Would you be surprised to learn that there exists a group of drugs that are potentially more harmful than marijuana and cocaine, yet legally available to the public via online and convenience stores? If you answered “yes,” then it’s time you learn a little about synthetic drugs. What are Synthetic Drugs? Synthetic drugs are, in […]