The 5 Most Important Factors in Recovery from Drug Addiction

What Makes Addiction Recovery More Successful

You often hear about both sides of drug or alcohol addiction recovery. Some people have participated in recovery programs and had a successful recovery, while others seem to relapse repeatedly. Certain factors in recovery can determine whether someone stops using drugs and alcohol successfully, including the type of recovery programs, how motivated they are in their recovery if mental health issues are addressed, and whether relapse prevention is in place. Below are some of the factors that contribute to successful addiction recovery.

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A Person Must Be Ready to Quit Using Drugs

Admitting you have a problem with drugs and alcohol is the first step to getting a successful recovery. However, realizing you have drug abuse issues and need help can be challenging. Drug rehab can often seem intimidating and lonely, but it can often also be a life-changing experience. A person ready to enter drug rehab is more likely to complete recovery programs. The person must also believe in their ability to overcome drug addiction.

Successful Addiction Treatment Should Address Mental Health

Substance abuse often comes to co-occurring disorders such as mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and bipolar disorder. Effective treatment programs must successfully overcome drug addiction with co-occurring disorders and must include dual diagnosis treatment, which helps address both issues simultaneously.

Drug Rehab Should Treat the Whole Person

Addiction to drugs involves physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Holistic treatment approaches that address the body, mind, and spirit will be more successful. You cannot treat only part of drug addiction; the person must be treated as a whole through several types of treatment to recover from long-term addiction successfully. These types of treatment can include physical exercise, nutrition, yoga, and acupuncture.

Successful drug addiction treatment teaches relapse prevention strategies such as identifying triggers and teaching healthy coping skills. Drug addiction treatment is not only about your time at the treatment center and underlying healing causes; you need to learn how to break old habits and discover new healthy behaviors. Learning how to navigate life without the use of drugs or alcohol is critical for long-term sobriety.

Often those who quickly relapse do not spend enough time in drug addiction treatment. Research has shown that people are most likely to recover from addiction with 90 to 120-day treatment programs. This is enough time to break old habits, learn new behaviors, and work through negative emotions and past life experiences. It is also essential to go through several levels of care, including inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Outcomes Driven Addiction Treatment at The River Source

At The River Source, our personalized substance abuse treatment programs are outcomes driven. All therapies and substance abuse treatment are centered around helping our clients achieve their sobriety goals. By implementing several contributing factors to successful recovery in our treatment programs, including adequate length of treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, relapse prevention, and most importantly, a holistic approach, we have helped many clients achieve long-term sobriety. Our 100% recovery guarantee offers you to return to substance abuse treatment with us at no additional charge if you relapse within one year of successfully completing our full continuum of care. If you are motivated and willing to put in the time and work with us, your recovery will be certain.

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