The BAUD: An Important Tool in Early Addiction Recovery


The BAUD, or Bio Acoustical Utilization Device, is a type of neurofeedback that helps with conditions such as depression, anxiety and addiction. Frank Lawlis, PhD is the brains behind this innovative device that is highly effective and carries no risk. The fact that it can help addicts without the need for medication is important to The River Source. As we teach recovering addicts how to live a life of sobriety, we must set the foundation using healthy, constructive outlets rather than conventional medicine.

What is the BAUD?

The BAUD is a small, handheld device. It has four knobs; two are right/left volume controls and two create specific sound frequencies that affect the function of neural activity in the brain. Through intermixed sound frequencies and waveforms, the brain is able to release energy and anxiety through their body so that they are no longer attached to certain thoughts.

To understand the BAUD, you must understand the brain, at least in the way that it relates to stress. It has been recognized for decades that stress plays a major role in behaviors like overeating, compulsions and drug use. Stress intensifies these problems because it pushes the person to react to a specific situation in the same way. An addict, for example, creates and strengthens neural pathways in the brain every time they use their drug. This pattern is very easy to follow, but very hard to break. And, each time the addict completes the ritual and uses the drug, they deepen these pathways in the brain.

This is a vicious cycle, especially because this pattern of thinking takes place in the unconscious part of the brain, so it’s nearly impossible for a person to understand on their own. Until the original source of stress is relieved, the pathways for using drugs remains strong. It’s amazing to think that one handheld device can have such an impact on the brain, but it does.

How Does the BAUD Work for Addiction?

A client who comes to The River Source and is suffering from addiction, and possibly a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety or depression, will highly benefit from the BAUD, especially in early recovery.

During the session, the client will sit in a comfortable chair and put on a pair of earphones. They will sit across from a Certified Life Coach and will be asked to think about what makes them nervous, anxious or depressed – the feelings that bring on the drug use. They will be asked to play out the ritual that goes along with the drug abuse, just as if it were happening in real life. When the negative feelings are strong, the client signals to the Life Coach, and the BAUD is turned on.

The BAUD delivers detailed sound waves; one frequency intensifies the feelings, while the other frequency disrupts them. This allows the body to release the negative energy and anxiety that is attached to these thoughts. When the client can no longer focus on these thoughts, the BAUD is turned off, and the session is over.

After the session, most clients feel an immediate reduction in their stress-driven, addictive behaviors. For once, the physical and emotional emotions connected to the problem are released.

What are the Benefits to the BAUD?

The BAUD works – plain and simple. It’s effective, you can’t do it wrong and it works for everyone. Clients at The River Source receive three BAUD sessions during their 30-day stay, more if they stay longer at the treatment center. Most clients report feeling a great deal of relief immediately following a session, and the effects are long term.

The BAUD is cleared and registered with the US Food and Drug Administration, and there have never been any negative side effects reported with the device. In fact, people can purchase their own BAUD device for personal use since neurofeedback helps with a variety of conditions, such as depression, anxiety, overeating, smoking, insomnia, sexual issues and phobias. Although uncommon, the only temporary side effects associated with the BAUD may be a slight headache.

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