The Benefits of Going to an In-Network Addiction Treatment Center

Health Insurance Can Help Cover Addiction Treatment

When considering going to rehab after the realization that help may be needed to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol, one of the main stumbling blocks people come across is the question of how to pay for rehab. The cost of Arizona drug rehab can add up, especially if you need longer-term medical care and inpatient treatments. The good news is that thanks to several laws, health insurance now considers mental health care and addiction treatment as essential health services, meaning that insurance companies will pay for some or all of the costs associated with rehab treatment, therapy, medications, and accommodation. In-network addiction treatment centers work in tandem with these companies to provide you with the support you will need to fully recover from addiction, providing high-quality care and helping you pay as little out-of-pocket as possible.

Some insurance companies will only cover basic treatments, some will pay for certain therapies but not others, some have large deductibles that must be met before kicking in, and some will pay for everything off the bat. At The River Source, we know that figuring out exactly what you will have to pay before you commit to a treatment program is important, so we have experts on the line available to talk to you about your insurance coverage, figure out payment plans, and let you know exactly what to expect, so there are no surprises later on.

We are well-versed in the language of insurance companies, and we will help you understand what your provider offers. We are dedicated to helping you get the best possible treatment without negatively impacting your financial future. We aim to remove the barriers in your way and help you take your first steps toward recovery, which starts before you walk through our doors. Call us today to verify your insurance and our insurance coordinators can give you a detailed list of the benefits your insurance offers.

For more information on how our addiction treatment programs can help heal drug or alcohol dependence, please give The River Source a call at 866-294-9331.

What Does it Mean to be In-Network?

When an alcohol and drug rehab center is in-network, that means that the facility is a participating provider that accepts your insurance. Rehabs that do not accept your insurance are called “out-of-network.” When you go to an in-network treatment center, your health insurance provider will be billed instead of you, except for agreed-upon copays, deductibles, and cost-sharing, and these costs vary depending on your individual coverage and the insurance company.

At The River Source, our Arizona rehab center is a safe place to come for the full continuum of care, and we are proudly in-network with dozens of popular insurance companies. We aim to help each of our clients regain their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through evidence-based and results-based care, incorporated with naturopathic healing and long-term social support, for an all-encompassing program that we truly believe can help you. Our team will be there for you from the moment you contact us, and we can help you understand your insurance coverage (and let you know if there are any coverage gaps or treatments that are not covered) so you can get started down your own personal road to recovery as quickly and easily as possible.

In-Network Addiction Treatment is Generally Much Cheaper

Even though most rehab centers offer different types of financial aid or payment plans, in-network treatment providers often end up costing you a lot less than out-of-network providers because these centers are contracted with the health insurance companies directly, and they have worked out certain deals and discounts between the insurance provider and the rehab center. This is especially the case with HMO health insurance.

A preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance is a flexible type of health insurance, but they may deny coverage altogether if you decide to go to an out-of-network drug and alcohol rehab center. For this reason, it is important to verify your insurance coverage before moving forward with any addiction treatments. If you are finding it difficult to navigate the complex language of your insurance provider, at The River Source treatment center, we are happy to verify your insurance coverage with zero commitments. Simply call us, and we can help you determine whether your insurance will cover your stay with us.

In-Network Addiction Treatment Can Be Less Financially Stressful on Families

Getting drug and alcohol addiction treatment from an in-network facility can take a lot of the financial stress off of your family in several ways:

  • In network addiction treatment means that your family will not need to borrow money and go into debt to pay for accommodation, therapies, medication, and food while you are in treatment
  • You won’t have to spend your life savings to get the help you need, ensuring you still have the same nest egg saved up for future endeavors that you did before treatment
  • If you miss work, you and your family will not be left in financial trouble when you get out of rehab, so you will feel a greater sense of stability and safety than you would if you had additional bills to pay

By going to an in-network addiction treatment center, you will be taking control over your own future without placing any financial burdens upon your family, which, in turn, can allow the people in your support network more time and freedom, which they can then use to help you stay on track once you leave the treatment center and begin to integrate back into your everyday life. By utilizing the financial help offered to you by your health insurance, you will not only be helping yourself, but you will also be providing relief to your loved ones, a winning solution for everybody in your life.

In-Network Addiction Treatment

The River Source Is an In-Network Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Arizona

The River Source is in-network with over fifty insurance companies. We take pride in our ability to help anybody who contacts us and in limiting the barriers our clients must overcome to get the help they need. Even if you do not have health insurance or if we are not in-network with your insurance company, we will do all we can to ensure you (or your loved one) can access the medical care, therapy, and long-term addiction treatment needed to make a full recovery from drug or alcohol use disorder.

Our facility accepts insurance from most providers, and we allow credit card payments for any out-of-pocket costs. We also have private pay options and financing assistance available. If you like, we can provide you with an uncomplicated breakdown of how your insurance coverage works, the benefits they offer, what they cover, and how much you may need to pay for your deductibles and copays.

When you call our team, somebody in admissions will take the time to speak with you one-on-one, get to know you as a person, and listen to your problem. They will help you choose a program that will meet your financial needs while getting you the help you need to meet your recovery goals, and you can rest assured that they will never rush you or pressure you to join us using sales techniques; everybody on our team is simply here to help you. To get started on your own personal road to recovery, submit a lending request on our website, or phone us at 866-294-9331.

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