The Importance of Fellowship in Recovery

Fellowship Importance

The Importance of Fellowship in Recovery

Loneliness, and the consequences associated with it, make up some of the main triggers for substance abuse. This means that fellowship is an integral part of the recovery process.

For many people who struggle with addiction, the reason that slips or relapses happen is that they suffer from feeling lonely and not having a strong enough support system.

Why You Need a Sober Support Group

Groups like AA, NA, and SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) all put emphasis on making personal connections within the group and maintaining and rebuilding relationships outside of the group for many reasons.

According to NIDA, over 70,200 overdoses occurred in 2017. In the same year, 46 people died daily from prescription opioids, according to the CDC. Having a sober support system has been found to help decrease the possibility of falling back into drug abuse habits and can lessen the statistics. Read the reasons why these support systems are so integral in remaining clean.

Sharing Stories

Having a safe space to share your stories – whether about relapse or recovery – is an important reason why having a support system is so integral to the healing process. Being able to share your stories of success with a group can help establish a stronger mentality.

Offering Support When You Need It Most

Remaining strong can seem difficult, even impossible. Trying to be strong when you feel alone is even harder. Having that fellowship from a support group or a solid group of friends allows you to lean on a group of people because more hands helping carry the load makes it so much easier to bear.

Group Motivation

When there is a group supporting you, it is almost impossible to let them down. This is a huge reason why support groups can flourish. They are designed around people all supporting each other. Having that group motivation on hand is the best way for recovery to last.

Honesty and Accountability

Another reason that support groups are important to staying sober is that they keep members honest and accountable. Hearing other people be open and honest will spark the same honesty and accountability for you, which is one of the cornerstones of recovery.

Long-Term Connections

Building and rebuilding relationships take time, especially after addiction. These connections, however, can strengthen your recovery process and make it so that a relapse is less likely in the future.

Why Being Part of an Alumni Program is Important

Alumni programs are very important in the healing process – they act as a continuation of care that you experience during residential and outpatient treatments. These groups offer connections to people who have the same experiences that you do, and they can act as a support system when you experience hiccups in recovery. At The River Source, we’ve found that many people stay in the same area as their rehab center so it’s easy to access professional services and alumni support when slips happen.

Reminders of Consequences and of Strength

Because of the different levels of recovery in group settings, the possibility to form a strong bond with people is readily available. Seeing people struggle in the earlier stages of recovery can work as a reminder to stay strong and be an example. Similarly, having people further in the recovery process, whether it’s a few days or a few years, can act as an example of strength to look at when you feel weak.

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