The River Source Provides Special Addiction Treatment Programs for Pregnant Women

Arizona City, Arizona—While everyone experiences addiction in their own way and must undergo treatment customized to their unique needs, some clients of The River Source get an even more tailored approach. Pregnant women are among the groups who get specialized treatment to help them resolve their unique challenges.

Like all treatment at The River Source, a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program with several locations in Arizona, each of the specialty treatment tracks is designed to find, address and heal the underlying causes of addiction. 

The pregnancy track begins with the knowledge that many facets of traditional addiction treatment can’t be applied to pregnant women because there are now two lives at stake. Both mother and child are affected by addiction: The child may experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms or may even become drug dependent if addiction isn’t addressed correctly. For The River Source’s pregnant clients, specialists design addiction treatment as part of the pregnant care the women will receive.

Treatment is customized according to the mother’s specific relationship with substance abuse so that withdrawal symptoms can be minimized for both mother and fetus. In addition, pregnant clients receive homeopathic medications and holistic therapies that are safer to use during pregnancy. Finally, the women will participate in counseling so that they may tackle their underlying causes of addiction, both to heal the source of their substance use and create a healthier, more stable environment for their future child.

Besides the pregnancy track, The River Source offers specialized treatment for trauma survivors and Native Americans. 

Traumatic events such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters, illness, combat and accidents can lead to anxiety, depression and other psychological and emotional disorders; without support, the survivor may try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Trauma affects the brain, sometimes causing you to feel more anxious, fearful and vulnerable on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some will turn to substances to quiet disturbing recollections and feelings brought on by past trauma.

To help survivors find new, healthy ways of dealing with the effects of trauma, The River Source offers specialized counseling and therapies that can help them address and heal their trauma and, in turn, their addiction.

Native Americans living on reservations are also at higher risk of substance abuse because they experience social isolation, poverty and poor healthcare services more frequently than others. These environments can often lead to substance abuse. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health has reported that substance abuse rates are higher among Native populations than in other cultures.

In response, The River Source’s recovery program for Native American clients focuses on discussing and healing the causes of addiction that may be culture-specific, providing a safe space to discuss their challenges as they begin their recovery.

Finally, The River Source’s dual-diagnosis treatment is created for clients struggling with both a substance use disorder and a mental health condition, which can be challenging to diagnose because the symptoms feed into those of addiction. However, the staff at The River Source are highly experienced in detecting and treating co-occurring disorders so that clients can begin to truly heal.

The River Source designs its specialized tracks with the understanding that every population faces different challenges: different upbringings, education opportunities, access to medical care, cultural stereotypes, and treatment by society can all affect someone’s substance use disorder.

All people struggling with alcohol or drug abuse can find sobriety at The River Source, not just these special groups. For information on substance abuse treatment for anyone at Arizona’s premier drug and alcohol rehab program, visit The River Source or call 866-367-6881.

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