Today’s Illegal Drugs are More Dangerous Than Ever Before

You don’t have to look far to read a story about a person who overdosed on illegal drugs. We see the relatable faces on social media and the crying pleas from family and loved ones who bring more awareness to the growing drug problem in our nation.

Mass overdoses are not uncommon, either, particularly when a new batch of dangerous drugs show up on the streets. While the opioid epidemic has certainly given more attention to the drug abuse problem in our country, the one truth that is most frightening is that today’s illegal substances are more dangerous than ever before.

In 2014, prescription painkillers and heroin were responsible for killing more than 28,000 Americans according to the CDC. And now, there are even more potent drugs on the market, including fentanyl, which is 50 times stronger than morphine. Between 2013 and 2014, drugs that tested positive for fentanyl quadrupled. This means that people are ingesting fentanyl without even knowing it.

Why are More Drugs Being Laced?

Illegal drugs are being combined with other substances because opportunist sellers are taking advantage of a vulnerable market. Certain drugs are becoming more expensive and more heavily regulated, making genuine pills more difficult to manufacture.

To keep their profits growing, sellers combine the drugs with other chemicals and compounds to make them stronger and more potent and keep people coming back for more. After all, it’s not difficult to combine drugs with other chemicals. Anyone can look on the internet and find the information they need.

Consider that just recently, eight people were killed in Ohio after taking heroin that was laced with carfentanil, a heavy-duty elephant tranquilizer. An additional 35 others were hospitalized. Users had no idea what they were ingesting when they took heroin.

Today’s Drugs are Unpredictable

The dark web is a scary place that preys on the weak and vulnerable. Some buyers are already addicted and not exactly thinking about what the drug could be laced with. But others are not the stereotypical drug users that come to mind.

There are people who use drugs on an occasional basis. They perform their “research” beforehand but are being lied to. They’re being told that the MDMA they’re about to ingest is pure and genuine when really, it’s laced with tranquilizers and other dangerous compounds.

Bottom line: Today’s illegal drugs are unpredictable, unsafe and more dangerous than ever before.

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