The River Source Now Offering Dr. Phil’s Virtual Reality Treatment Program

The River Source is excited to share that we are currently using virtual reality to help people recover from their addictions. The virtual reality program being used is Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery and was created by Dr. Phil McGraw and Jay McGraw. As virtual reality becomes more commonplace in our society, we hope that it can offer the support and guidance that so many people need as they navigate their way through sobriety.

What Does the Technology Do?

Created with inpatient addiction treatment centers in mind, Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program introduces cutting-edge virtual technology that provides “face-to-face” interactions between Dr. Phil and the patient. This means that while a patient is receiving treatment at The River Source, they can utilize this technology and better prepare themselves for the transition outside rehabilitation.

The VR program gives each patient special, individualized treatment. It is not meant to replace any of the treatments offered at The River Source, but rather to complement them. Some sessions are self-directed while others can be incorporated into a counseling session. Patients will feel like they are really sitting there, talking face-to-face with Dr. Phil.

The settings range from being on the show to sitting in the comfort and privacy of Dr. Phil’s backyard. The purpose for this is to remove the recovering addict from their current environment, giving them new perspective on their lives. And, it’s rewarding to envision these types of experiences that otherwise would not be possible.

Who is Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery Program For?

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program is beneficial for all recovering addicts. The River Source is currently one of a few treatment centers offering this technology, and we believe that it will be a great fit for the large majority of our patients. We’ve already seen success in the short time we’ve used the VR program, as our patients have enjoyed the different scenery, talking to Dr. Phil himself and working through their problems in a unique but effective way.

What we value most about this program is that it offers long term benefits. While it’s wonderful to succeed at sobriety in treatment, recovering addicts must maintain sobriety outside of treatment. This is where it becomes more difficult because of the daily stresses they must deal with in an uncontrolled and sometimes tempting environment. With this program built into our treatments, we are confident that our patients will be given additional life skills that will help them succeed in recovery.

To learn more about Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program, visit the website or call The River Source.