What Activities Do Women Participate in During Treatment?

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Agreeing to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is a major step to sobriety. However, if a person is ready to seek treatment, fear of the unknown can still cloud their judgement. What will happen during recovery? What will the other patients be like? Will I have to talk about my past experiences?

Rehab is more than just talking. At The River Source, we realize that continuous counseling and 12-step groups can get tiring. That’s why we offer our female patients time to renew their spirit and get to know themselves again. We provide excellent food, fun activities and opportunities for fresh air and exercise.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of activities that you will get to participate in when seeking treatment at The RS.

Amazing Arizona Location

Our women’s-only treatment center didn’t just fall into the beautiful Arizona desert. We chose it! The sunny skies, breathtaking views and year-round warm weather make The RS an excellent place to be. Our female patients can enjoy fresh air and walks around our facility while supervised.

Yoga and Exercise

The River Source offers daily opportunities for fitness and exercise. We have something for everyone. Some patients prefer cardio while others prefer strength training. Our most popular exercise is yoga. It’s easy on the body and involves stretching and balancing. It’s also an excellent way to bring calm to your life and manage symptoms of fatigue, confusion, impulsivity and depression.

Meditation and Mindfulness

We encourage our female patients to practice meditation and mindfulness each day. We hope that you will continue to use these tools as you return home. Meditation is an excellent way to connect with yourself on a spiritual level, become more aware of your surroundings and manage anxiety and depression.

Acupuncture and Infrared Sauna

Our clinicians deliver relaxing acupuncture and infrared sauna sessions. These treatments are wonderful times to relax, reconnect with your inner self and cope with the emotions you might be dealing with. Some of our female patients enjoy acupuncture and infrared sauna treatments so much, they return to our naturopathic clinic for continued sessions!

Meals and R&R

The RS cooks up delicious meals that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. We hope to get our female patients on the track to eating right.

Aside from our quaint dining experience, we also leave our patients time for personal reflection. You can read a book, write in your journal or talk with others. Our facilities have outdoor areas with a yoga ramada, water fountain, volleyball court, outdoor fireplace and seating areas.

The River Source provides a structured environment for women recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. In addition to our many fun and renewing activities, we also deliver group counseling, individual counseling and 12-step meetings. Call us today to discover more about our unique approach to treating women.