What Are The Signs Of A Dual Diagnosis?

It’s incredibly scary to deal with a substance abuse problem, but the lines become even more blurred when a second problem lurks beneath the surface. This is what happens with a dual diagnosis. The patient will deal with an addiction to drugs or alcohol as well as a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression. The two diseases have symptoms that intermingle and affect each other, and this makes it difficult to recognize and treat both problems.

Warning Signs Of A Dual Diagnosis

What Are The Signs Of A Dual Diagnosis-TheRiverSourceAs challenging as a dual diagnosis can be, it’s not impossible to identify the warning signs in your loved one and create a customized treatment plan that comprehensively addresses both issues.

Only a specialized addiction treatment center will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, as they are trained to recognize the signs of the drug or alcohol addiction and the mental health illness.

At The River Source, the most common dual diagnosis disorders that we work with are mood disorders, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.
Here are some of the most common signs that a dual diagnosis is at the root of the problem:

  • Day-to-day functioning is extremely difficult or impossible
  • Inability to maintain employment
  • Inability to maintain relationships
  • Inability to control emotions
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Panic attacks
  • Legal problems
  • Financial difficulties

Keep in mind that the signs of co-occurring disorders vary greatly between individuals. Not only does addiction affect people differently, but also so does the mental health disorder. A person suffering from a crystal meth addiction and bipolar disorder is going to have a different set of symptoms than someone dealing with an alcohol problem and anxiety.

Comprehensive Addiction And Mental Health Treatment

Once a dual diagnosis has been made, the future becomes immediately brighter. Comprehensive treatment addresses both the substance abuse and the mental health disorder simultaneously. Treatment usually includes medical and psychotherapeutic intervention for both diseases. The River Source offers this type of intervention as well as alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, neurofeedback and nutritional education.

Here at The River Source, we can help your loved one safely and effectively treat an addiction and a mental health disorder. Our customized treatment plans are built specifically for each parent and include naturopathic detox, counseling, holistic therapies and sober living.

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