What Does “Holistic” Actually Mean?

What is Holistic?

Rehabilitation is the biggest part of a person’s life when they deal with addictions to drugs or alcohol. In order to ensure the best therapy experience possible, one of the best paths to choose is through holistic medicine. What does “holistic” actually mean, though? Holistic medicine is a style of healing that considers not just the body but the mind, spirit, and emotions, in the search for best possible health and wellness. To understand holistic health, there are a lot of aspects to get to know including the philosophy behind the practice, what techniques are practiced under the entire umbrella, and how it actually aids the healing process. After you gain a complete understanding of what is possible with holistic medicine as a whole, you will see that it truly helps every aspect of the patient’s life.

The Philosophy

There is a main way of thinking when it comes to holistic health and medicine. The belief is that the most powerful healer is unconditional love and support. Also, it is said that each person is ultimately accountable for their own health and happiness in the end. The person who has the illness is more important than the illness the person has. The body, mind, and spirit are being healed as one, not just the outer premise. Treatments are less harmful to the body in a holistic environment and more focused on healing the body from the inside out.

The practice itself promotes the optimal health of the patient and focuses on treating the roots of the cause, not just the symptoms. The physicians view the patients in charge of their health and cultivate a partnership with the patient, developing action plans together based on whatever both parties feel best fits best with the scenario.

The Techniques

The holistic medicine umbrella encompasses a wide range of techniques anywhere from diet control to acupuncture. When it comes to supplements, the only ones that are suggested in a holistic environment are fully natural. Some of these are vitamins like B-complex and C. Foods that are high beneficial proteins and fiber are recommended in order to stabilize the withdrawal symptoms like sweet cravings, depression, and low energy. Cleansing and detoxifying the body is the best way to get rid of the toxins from drugs or alcohol. The best way to do this is by increasing the antioxidants in the diet and completely changing the views on nutrition in general.

Massage is recommended for its ability to quiet the mind and loosen up the body. Acupuncture helps balance the energy that was disturbed by substance abuse. The success rate for acupuncture can actually reach up to fifty percent and helps eliminate withdrawal symptoms. The most recommended form of acupuncture is auriculotherapy, a form that treats the body through points on the ears.

Additional treatment techniques include psychotherapy, relationship counseling, spiritual therapy, chiropractic care, homeopathy, and naturopathy.

The Benefits

There are countless benefits that come from holistic medicine. You end up improving your overall health and developing an understanding behind the need for a well-balanced lifestyle. By developing these two characteristics of your life, the desire to better yourself and cut out the addictions that are hindering you from moving forward. You use more natural resources like medicines and herbs for healing, helping your body detoxify and get rid of chemical influences. There is also the added benefit of learning healthy lifestyle habits like healthy nutrition, exercise, and treatments for illnesses.

In holistic rehabilitation centers, the true benefit is adding a holistic medicine treatment in accordance with rehabilitation needs. There are recreational therapies and counseling, along with natural methods to help rid the bodies of toxins. This is a globally renowned practice that has great reviews and spectacular on-going benefits for the patient’s long-term health.

When it comes to the rehabilitation process, there are many options to choose from. Knowing your choices is the first step in making the right one for you and your family. By understanding what holistic and holistic medicine really means, you recognize the importance behind having rehabilitation centers with a concentration in this specialty. “Holistic” means finding harmony with one’s body, mind, and soul together as one. Incorporating that into the healing process can bring on healing that will not only last but establishes welcome lifestyle habits forever.

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