What Is Continuing Care In Recovery?

Addiction recovery programs have a lot to offer during your stay in treatment. They can help you get clean and sober through a detox program and then help you work through your drug or alcohol addiction through counseling, life skills, and healthy coping strategies. Yet many treatment centers fall short when it comes to providing care after treatment. This part of recovery is crucial, and you’ll find that support and guidance remain necessary.

What is Continuing Care

Continuing care refers to monitoring a patient after treatment is complete. It’s a vital piece of the recovery process since we know that recovering addicts are far from healed after 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment.

The River Source offers a strong continuing care program where we will monitor your progress following treatment. Some of the components of our program include:

  • Use of our naturopathic clinic
  • Sobriety checks
  • Alumni accountability
  • Attending weekly groups or 12 step meetings
  • Online continuing care

What Are The Goals of Continuing Care?

The purpose of our continuing care program is to provide you with additional support as you transition to your new sober life. By emphasizing accountability and responsibility and encouraging the use of alternative therapies, we hope that we can reduce the temptation to use again and lower the risk of relapse.

What is Included In Continuing Care?

Constructive activities like meditation, yoga, and exercise can be used to cope with your struggles. We also believe in attending self-help groups and 12 step meetings. These are the places where you can connect with others who are going through similar struggles as yours. As you move on in your groups, you can work your way to becoming a sponsor and acquire more responsibility.

Online Continuing Care Program

Our online continuing care program provides one online group session each week for an hour or more. It’s a great opportunity to check-in, meet with small groups of people and receive support as you immerse into the real world. Topics include career choices, relationships, health, setting and keeping goals, and more.

Let Us Help You Create Your Long-term Treatment Plan

Recovery is an ongoing process. Make sure that you have a plan for after treatment so that you can greatly increase your chances for success.

The River Source is a holistic treatment center that provides detox, counseling, and continuing care. Our continuing care program is a crucial part of the complete recovery process and builds on what our patients learn during treatment. Give us a call to learn more about our continuing care program and the difference it can make in your recovery.

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