What Makes a Great Residential Treatment Center?

Selecting a residential treatment center is a big decision, regardless of whether you’re choosing the program for yourself or a loved one. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s hard to say that a residential treatment program is best for all addicts. When it comes to severe addictions, however, inpatient treatment centers are ideal because they are more intense, they remove the addict from their environment and they offer alternative treatments that focus on complete well being.

How to Choose The Best Addiction Treatment Center?

All residential treatment centers have the same goal: to stop the addictive behavior and start the process of healing. Yet each treatment program offers its own approach to getting to this point. Still, there are some universal factors that make addiction treatment programs higher in quality. Here are some things to think about as you choose the very best addiction treatment center for your needs.

Peaceful, Accessible Location

You don’t need to choose a tropical island to find peace and comfort, but the location does hold some importance. The River Source has chosen two tranquil settings in Arizona, as we encourage our residents to connect with nature and use activities like journaling, hiking, and meditation to deal with addiction symptoms. While we want our residents to focus entirely on their recovery, we also know that it’s important to be within a reasonable distance from a city and airport so that addicts and their families can easily access our treatment centers no matter which state they live in.

Holistic Foundation

The benefit of treating addiction holistically is that the entire individual is treated – mind, body, and spirit. Other treatment centers may focus on stopping the addictive behavior only, but the underlying reasons for the addiction are not treated, making relapse more likely. Choosing a holistic program means that the client will focus on their emotional, physical and spiritual health, providing a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Holistic healing is the cornerstone of our approach.

Staff with Personal Experience

When you’re going through treatment and angry at the world around you, who better to understand your feelings than people who were once addicts themselves? At The River Source, many of our staff members have personal experience with addiction. They offer a unique perspective on the recovery process and provide insight as to how to deal with the ups and downs of addiction. You’ll never feel judged or misunderstood when working on your recovery alongside the brilliant and dynamic staff at The River Source.

Access to Advanced Natural Therapies

Also of importance is the types of therapies that are offered by the treatment center. A strong rehabilitation program will have a variety of natural therapies. These therapies allow the body to heal faster and soothe symptoms that accompany withdrawal and treatment. The River Source offers an extensive menu of therapies that are safe and effective, including hydrotherapy, prolotherapy, and biofeedback.

Honest, Upfront Pricing

Some treatment centers try to negotiate a price, but a reputable center will have the exact breakdown of pricing so that clients can make an informed decision. The River Source has a fee schedule based on our 30, 60 and 90-day programs, which include individual, family and group counseling as well as life coaching. You may also add on naturopathic detox that includes dry sauna and vitamin IV therapy, as well as any of our additional natural therapies. We make it possible to build a customized addiction treatment plan that fits your budget. Also, we accept most major insurances.

Program Guarantee

It’s hard to find recovery centers that offer guarantees, but the very best will have them. The River Source offers a guarantee with our 90-day and a full continuum of care programs. If a resident completes either of those programs and happens to relapse within a year from this date, they are welcome to return to our center for an appropriate recovery program at no charge. When a recovery center believes in the power and efficacy of their program, they’re not afraid to have some type of assurance in place for clients.

Solid Aftercare Plans for Clients

What happens in recovery molds an addict for what lies ahead, but there is still a lot of work to do. Clients should never leave without an aftercare plan in their hand. An aftercare plan is a detailed outline of what a recovering addict should be doing in the initial days following treatment. These plans include recommendations for counseling and therapy, AA meetings, natural therapies, and sample schedules. When these plans are followed accordingly, they pave the way for a successful recovery, a lower risk of relapse and continued sobriety.

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