What to Expect from a Naturopathic Detoxification Program

The first step in any comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program is detoxification. The type of detox used will vary based on the type of drug being abused, how much of the drug is being abused and when the last dosage was taken. Even though there are variations of detoxification, the main goals stay the same: to stabilize the mental and physical aspects of the body. What makes detoxification such a difficult process is the withdrawal symptoms that accompany removing the drug from the body. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize stress and discomfort on the body while making detox as comfortable as possible.

What Therapies are Used in Naturopathic Detoxification?

At The River Source, we implement a highly effective, naturopathic detoxification program that includes Nutritional IV Therapy and Sauna Detox. We believe that it takes a certain arrangement of treatments to safely and effectively remove toxins from the body, renew mental and physical health and minimize discomfort. Even with a successful detox program in place, we agree that this period is one of the most complexes of the recovery process. However, all addicts must start somewhere, and detox is that first point for everyone.

How Long Does Detoxification Last?

Detoxification takes three to ten days and is a unique program in itself. Not all recovery programs offer detoxification, but all require that detoxification has been met before starting treatment. Thankfully, The River Source has a naturopathic program for our patients, which means you can make the decision to start treatment today. Our program is led by our Licensed Physicians and Therapists who specialize in addictive medicine. They provide constant supervision and treatment instead of leaving patients to deal with the withdrawal symptoms on their own.

How are Withdrawal Symptoms Managed?

Although we have a focus on naturopathic practices, we combine them with modern-day medicinal practices, where necessary. In detoxification, it’s only necessary that some medications be used to ease withdrawal symptoms. These medications include muscle relaxers and sleep medications. These medications are used on a short-term basis only, generally for the first 24 hours. After this point, natural remedies become significant in providing relief.

Why Nutritional IV Therapy and Sauna Detox Works

The goal of naturopathic detoxification is to remove the toxins, or “bad stuff”, from the body while replacing it with essential vitamins and nutrients, the “good stuff.” The best way to achieve this is through Nutritional IV Therapy and Sauna Detox. The medical staff at The River Source administers vitamins like high magnesium, B’s, C’s, calcium, zinc and more to replenish the body. It doesn’t take long for our addicts to feel stronger and better able to fight their addiction. These vitamins and minerals also help the body to come together in other ways, such as by stimulating the mind in positive ways and decreasing symptoms of depression.

Naturally, we must also get the bad stuff out of the body, which includes the drug itself. Dry Sauna is helpful here since it allows the body to naturally release these harmful toxins. In addition to these two types of naturopathic therapies, we also administer B-12 shots, light therapy, meditation, massage treatments, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture. It’s difficult to find a detox program that is as carefully crafted as ours since this practice requires a specific skill set from the medical staff as well as necessary training and expertise in delivering successful detoxification.

Rebuilding Your Life after Detox

Many programs don’t have the funding or professionals to run detox programs, but The River Source does. Once the detoxification process has been completed, patients can then continue with the recovery process by attending therapy sessions, going to 12-step meetings and learning how to rebuild a healthy schedule. Rehabilitation is what builds a new life; detoxification only gets rid of the drug in the body. So, you must always remember that detoxification in itself is never a cure for drug addiction.

The thought of entering treatment is scary, and you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have those feelings for yourself or your loved one. But, as we always remind our families, treatment must start somewhere. Detoxification doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. At The River Source, our facilities are comfortable and our staff is caring. You will be monitored each day to ensure that your withdrawal symptoms are being managed. The first few days are always the hardest, but after this point, your body will begin to heal physically, and you will then be able to start treatment to care for the mental and spiritual aspects of your health.

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