What To Look For in A Drug Rehab Program

An effective drug rehab program can help you break the stranglehold that drugs or alcohol has on your life. Addiction is a disease just like cancer, and diseases do not go away on their own. If you are afflicted with this disease, you need help in the form of rehab.

The biggest question facing addicts looking to get help and take control of their disease is the question of how to shop for rehab. What should you look for in a drug rehab program if you want to make the best use of your time there and have the best chance for a permanent recovery?

Here is what you should be looking for as you shop for a rehab program.

Accreditation and licensing. Any drug rehab program you consider should be accredited by the state in which it is located. You wouldn’t treat pneumonia at an unaccredited hospital, and you probably wouldn’t pay for a degree from an unaccredited college. Where you go to rehab is a very important decision with as much of an implication on the rest of your life as to where you go to college. Pick somewhere reputable. In addition to being accredited, its staff should be fully licensed mental health professionals.

Program effectiveness. Most reputable drug and alcohol rehab programs keep detailed stats on the effectiveness of their treatment programs. These stats can be very valuable in helping you make a decision; however, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind as you analyze them. One is that, unfortunately, the veracity of these statistics is not always the best. Many are compiled from self-reported data, and addicts are not always truthful about the stage of their recovery, often out of shame and or embarrassment. The second, and equally unfortunate, is that you should not expect an extremely high long-term effectiveness rate even from the best heroin drug rehab centers in the world. No matter how good a rehab program is, the onus is on the addict to stay clean, and sadly, many do not have the willpower to do so, no matter how much help they are getting along the way.

Aftercare services. For recovering drug and alcohol addicts, rehab is merely the first step on a long and often difficult road to long-term sobriety. A drug addict is not “cured” of his disease the day he steps out of rehab and returns to a normal life. Old demons can surface at any time, even years down the road, so it’s important that any program you consider have a strong aftercare program of which you can avail yourself should you encounter any troubles after your intensive rehab period.

Creation of community. Many recovering drug addicts who have managed to stay clean for long periods of time report that the support of others going through the same journey helped them get clean just as much as did the professionals who ran their rehab. Getting off drugs or alcohol is not something you want to attempt to go it alone. Pay close attention to the way any rehab program you are considering fosters community among its patients. This community will end up being an invaluable asset on your road to recovery.

Cost. Unfortunately, drug rehab is not free. It costs money to pay for the facilities and teams of experts that will help you get the tools in place you need to get and stay clean. However, depending on the program, there are often ways to defray the costs of rehab that may otherwise be prohibitive, such as insurance and financing. You know your financial situation better than anyone. Consider the costs and payment options at each facility you are looking at and choose the one that you feel provides the best value for your money.

Taking control of your addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. What follows, however, is a decision of equal importance, which is where to turn for help. There are a slue of rehab centers in this country and probably dozens in your local area alone. Make sure you choose a reputable one that employs the best professionals, provides the best care, engenders the best sense of community, and provides the best value.

But always keep in mind that while rehab will give you every tool you need to succeed, it’s up to you to commit to using them!

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