Here’s What to Love About Being Sober

When you’re a newly recovering addict coming back from the lowest of lows, it’s hard to get excited about sobriety. Everyone else might be excited about it, but you’re trying to come to grips with reality. How am I supposed to have fun? What am I going to do when I’m stressed out? What happens if I’m asked to go out after work?

Achieving long-term sobriety isn’t easy. But it’s possible. People do it every day. Sometimes you need to give yourself tough love. Throw away the pity card and remind yourself that others have walked or are walking in your shoes. You are not alone. In fact, you are further in your recovery than others.

Why Sobriety is Awesome

Rather than talking about how difficult recovery is, we thought we’d switch things up and talk about how awesome it is to be sober. These are not just things that you can enjoy 5 or 10 years down the road but today. Because you are sober.

You Wake Up Without Hangovers

When you stop abusing drugs and alcohol, you don’t wake up in the mornings with dread. What did I do last night? Nope, none of that. You didn’t embarrass yourself or get into trouble. And you feel great. No hangovers or comedowns.

You’re Looking Better – and it Feels Good

Let’s be honest. It feels good when you take care of your physical appearance. Your nails and hair look better, you may have gained or lost weight and the whites of your eyes are, well, white.

You’re Experiencing Emotions

Drugs and alcohol prevent you from feeling. You might think this is what you want when you’re hurting, but what’s life if you can’t feel anything? Recovery will teach you how to manage those feelings you don’t want, but in return, you get to experience everything else: happiness, joy, elation, love, forgiveness, excitement. Need we say more?

You Have the Energy to Accomplish Things

Doesn’t it feel great when you’re not drugged out or drunk all the time? You have your energy back – and the hours in your day to go with it. In a single day, you can go for a morning jog, meet a friend for coffee, work a part-time job and return home for dinner and a movie.

Your Memory Has Returned

It stinks when you can’t remember anything and people treat you like you’re a zombie. As your body and mind recover, your memory will return. You can have real conversations and enjoy relationships with substance.

You are Finally Free

Being sober frees you from your addiction and presents you with new opportunities. You’re no longer bound by drugs and alcohol. Because of that, everything starts to unfold. You can get a job. Earn your own money. Make your own decisions. Have a real life.

Being sober is awesome. If you are ready to start this journey, call The River Source.

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