When is the Best Time to Enter Treatment?

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Many people wonder when the right time to choose treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is. Since there is no hard fast rule here, people are free to share their opinions and experiences. This is why you may hear some people say that it’s best to squeeze in treatment at the end of the year before the deductible starts over, or to avoid sending a loved one to treatment over the holidays. With the cost of treatment and the dedication it deserves, is there a better time to enter rehab?

Don’t Wait for Rock Bottom 

The best time to enter treatment is when you or your loved one needs it. You don’t need to wait until rock bottom hits. There are two problems with this. First, everyone defines rock bottom differently. For you or your loved one, rock bottom may be one step too late. Why should you stand around and watch your loved one lose their home, their job and their family? Get help as soon as you see that there is a dependency.

Second, it’s easier to treat an addiction when less damage has been done. The disease won’t have had as much time to run its course, and the addict will have fewer consequences to deal with. Addicts who receive help early on sometimes only require outpatient or day treatment rather than intensive inpatient treatment.

The key point to remember is that addiction can be treated at any time, not just when the addiction is out of control. So if you suspect a dependency forming, get help for yourself or a loved one, and don’t wait for a “better time.”

Spring is a Great Time for Starting Fresh

Even though treatment is best given when it’s needed, many families do choose to wait because they want to give the best care and attention to their loved one. While we don’t recommend waiting, we do understand that some times of the year are harder than others. For instance, when families are dealing with holiday traveling or entertaining, they may not have the time or energy to deal with rehab.

Winter in itself can be a tough time for treatment because people have a tendency to stay indoors and isolate themselves. If it’s your spouse who has been drinking more, you may not notice that a problem persists at first. But as spring rolls around and your spouse is too buzzed to take the kids to the park or forgets to pick one of the kids up from soccer practice, it’s confirmed that his drinking has been brought to another level.

Spring is an excellent time to begin a treatment regimen. Why?

  • Spring is a time for a change. People are busy cleaning out their homes, organizing clutter and implementing healthy changes like exercise or wholesome eating. Spring is in the air, and it gives people the motivation to make these changes. Now is a good time to find your own motivation and commit to treatment.
  • Spring is a jump start to summer. Who wants to be bogged down by a dependency over the summer months when you could be using this time to relax at the beach, go to the movies with friends, play at the park with the kids or join a swimming club. By starting treatment in the spring, you can look forward to a sober summer.
  • Spring is the start of warm weather. In cold weather climates, spring brings the first signs of warm weather. If you haven’t been out of the home in months, the warmer temperatures, bright sun, and fresh air will be invigorating to the mind and body and help make physical activity easier.
  • Spring is in the air. It’s almost like our internal clocks tell us to “wake up!” Spring marks fresh starts for everyone: cleaning product manufacturers amp up marketing efforts, public service campaigns urge people how to properly dispose of medication, etc. It’s easy to set goals for yourself when other people are doing it too, and change is in the air.
  • Spring brings boosted immunity. The average adult gets 2-4 colds each year, and the majority of these colds come in the winter. When you’re not feeling well, it interrupts your mental and physical harmony. In spring, the germs are less widespread. When you feel better, you have more energy to want to change.

If you or a loved one has been considering treatment, NOW is the best time to start. Call The River Source today at 866-294-9331 to discuss options for spring addiction treatment.


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