Why Holistic Care Offers the Best Outcome

When looking for a treatment center for a loved one struggling with addiction, you’ll find that there are distinct differences among the inpatient programs. How these recovery centers treat addiction is a critical point to consider, as it will ultimately shape the type of treatment your loved one receives. The River Source follows a holistic treatment program that focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. We believe that by improving each of these three components, a person has the best chance at stopping their harmful habits, leading a happy, fulfilled life and minimizing the risk of relapse.

Understanding Holistic Treatment

Although many people have heard of holistic care, many are uncertain of what it entails. Holistic care involves the treatment of the whole individual – mind, body, spirit and emotions – to ensure optimal health and wellness. To better understand how this type of care works, imagine a tree with a healthy root system. There may be factors that compromise the tree, but when each component is strong, it leaves the tree standing at the end.

The same is true for struggling addicts. As they focus on each aspect of their inner being, they build a steady foundation that fosters fulfillment and a sober lifestyle. The stronger these components are, the less likely temptations are to interfere with recovery and sobriety. With holistic care, nothing is left out of the healing process, and clients can reach a complete balance in their life.

Holistic treatment involves all types of health care, which is part of the reason why this practice is so effective. It combines conventional medicine, alternative therapies and spiritual healing, all treatment options offered at The River Source.

Why Holistic Treatment is Beneficial in Addiction

Holistic healing can be used for a variety of conditions, and it’s highly beneficial when treating addiction. This is because addicts are not just physically addicted to drugs and alcohol; they are also dealing with peer pressure, stress and emotional pain. Some are self-medicating themselves. If we focus only on the physical addiction, we are limiting the power of true healing. Without spiritual, emotional and mental well being restored, a recovering addict is likely to crumble again under pressure, returning to their unhealthy habits.

Other ways that holistic healing is helpful in addiction recovery include :

  • It recognizes addiction as a disease.
  • It uses a team approach that includes doctors, nurses, behavioral health therapists, life coaches and counselors.
  • Treatment confronts the cause of the condition, not just the symptoms.
  • Clients learn how to use their own innate healing powers to guide them through recovery, such as journaling, meditation and yoga.
  • Treatment involves a wide range of natural therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, prolotherapy and hydrotherapy.

How Holistic Treatment Centers Work

Since holistic healing focuses on the health and well being of the entire individual, all parts of health are taken into consideration from the start. At The River Source, for instance, each client receives a full evaluation before being admitted into our treatment center. We look for co-occurring disorders that may be left untreated, such as depression or ADHD. During detoxification, we rid the body of harmful toxins that are interfering with a healthy mind and body, and we replace essential vitamins and minerals that have been lost.

Throughout treatment, clients work on all aspects of recovery – mind, body and spirit. They receive individual, family and group counseling. They have access to a wide variety of alternative therapies that include prolotherapy, hydrotherapy and neurofeedback. Clients also have time to connect with their spiritual side through meditation, yoga and journaling. All of these steps help rebuild a strong, confident individual, which is necessary since many clients must face the hurtful reasons why they started using drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Finally, holistic care leaves room for behavioral health therapists and life coaches to teach recovering addicts how to lead a structured life once again, be a contributing, accountable member in society and construct healthy, honest relationships. The physical addiction is treated with conventional medication, but as you can see, it’s the healing that comes from the mental, emotional and spiritual sides of a person that make a true impression on recovery. We hope that by the end of treatment, the client is aware of why they were abusing and can adopt effective ways to deal with stress and emotional pain rather than self medicating.


Even though an addict can heal from their addiction doesn’t mean that the original reasons for the addiction disappear or that temptations are erased. Since we can’t eliminate all the bad from our world, it’s important for addicts to be fully healed in all ways so that they can stand strong, resist temptation and continue to lead a life of sobriety. For these reasons, holistic care is most conducive to long-term recovery and happiness.

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