Why Holistic Care Should Be Considered for Addiction Treatment

By the time an addict agrees to go to rehab, the family unit is exhausted. It may be months or even years that the addiction has been going on, and yet more decisions need to be made. One of the most important decisions is where the addict will seek treatment. Will they choose inpatient or outpatient treatment? Will it be a local rehabilitation center or one across the country? How long will the addict stay in treatment?

If you’ve been faced with addiction in the family, you understand the emotions that go along with choosing a rehab center. When you talk with each center, you’ll quickly learn that each program has a different approach to treating addiction. It can be difficult to know which type of therapy is right for your loved one, especially when you have so much riding on the line. If you’re like many families, you may be considering a holistic treatment center.

What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment means that the recovery center addresses the needs of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. The program will focus heavily on natural therapies and remedies rather than pharmaceutical ones. Of course, if traditional medicine is needed to manage symptoms, especially during detoxification, they will be given to keep the client comfortable.

Often, holistic treatment centers are found nestled in quiet locations such as peaceful, mountainous areas or open deserts. This gives clients the chance to connect with their natural surroundings and get away from the distractions of their previous environment. Inside the doors, holistic treatment centers offer the same level of comfort and security, with areas that are conducive to healthy socialization and constructive activities.

Let’s take a look at how the mind, body, and spirit are treated with holistic care.

The Mind

During treatment, the client goes through counseling to help them uncover the reasons that may have led to the addiction. It’s common for addicts to have a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety or depression that may be complicating matters.

Clients learn new skills through life coaching so that they can deal with stress in more positive, constructive ways. As they begin to understand themselves, they can make better choices in the real world and be aware of their limitations. Much of what is learned in recovery is how to handle challenges in life. Group therapy is also important, as this gives addicts the opportunity to practice positive communication, active listening and problem-solving.

The Body

In terms of the body, the first step is to have the client go through detoxification. At The River Source, we use a combination of IV therapy and infrared sauna detox that rids the body of harmful toxins and replaces them with essential vitamins and nutrients. This builds the body back up, which is necessary after months or years of heavy abuse, poor eating and sleeping habits, and other reckless behavior.

Doctors often recommend various supplements or vitamins to restore energy levels and repair muscle and tissue, such as B vitamins. These vitamins are safe and may be used long term to keep the body strong and healthy. Clients are also encouraged to be physically active through yoga, stretching or walking. Being active lifts the spirit and facilitates a stronger body.

The Spirit

The spirit is not forgotten in holistic care, and this is a good thing considering that treatment centers in years past focused solely on the addiction. Addicts come to rehabilitation broken in many cases, and they aren’t sure how to find the motivation to get clean and sober. Through alternative therapies like meditation, acupuncture, neurofeedback, and hypnosis, clients are able to mend their spirit and be more conscious of the world around them instead of being reactive.

The 12 steps are a spiritual process; an opportunity to connect with a higher power. The RS practices the 12 steps and encourages clients to continue attending their meetings after recovery. Despite what some people believe, it’s not necessary to believe in a god to be spiritual or follow the 12 steps. Instead, it’s about connecting with something higher than yourself and following a set of guidelines to transform your personality.

Holistic care is a wonderful option for patients and clients today, especially in terms of addiction treatment where the whole person needs to be addressed. If this isn’t done, the reasons for the addiction remain unknown, and the behavior is likely to return. For more information on holistic treatment at The River Source and whether or not your loved one would be a good fit, contact us today at 866-294-9331.

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