Why it’s Best to Choose a Rehab with a Small Patient-to-Staff Ratio

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One of the many benefits to selecting The River Source for your loved one’s care is that we have a small patient-to-staff ratio. We want our patients to get the most from our program, and to achieve this, we create individualized treatment plans that include working closely with our staff. This way, our patients’ needs are more accurately met, and they feel less overwhelmed and alone.

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Let’s take a look at the benefits to having a small patient-to-staff ratio in rehab.

More Comfortable Opening Up

A small patient-to-staff ratio will help your loved one feel more comfortable early in the process. This way, they can open up about past experiences, thoughts or feelings that concern them and more. Unfortunately, addiction isolates even the most social people, so many patients come into treatment feeling closed off and withdrawn.

Better Understanding of Self

The signs and symptoms of addiction are largely the same among individuals, but there are differences in what led the person to addiction.

For example, we can’t compare a middle-aged war veteran who uses alcohol to numb the symptoms of PTSD with an adolescent who became addicted to heroin after being prescribed painkillers for an injury.

By having individualized care that focuses entirely on your loved one, they can better understand their motivations for using drugs and alcohol and move closer to healing.

Attentive, Personalized Care

Another benefit of a small patient-to-staff ratio is that your loved one is guaranteed to get more personalized care. For example, all patients are supervised 24-hours a day by support staff at The River Source. While we can’t erase the discomfort that is associated with the withdrawal process, our support staff can ease symptoms.

More Meaningful Relationships Formed

Large treatment centers treat many patients at once and must group care together. It’s difficult to form trusting relationships in this type of setting. However, meaningful human connections are crucial to the long-term recovery process. With a small patient-to-staff ratio, your loved one will be able to form the relationships needed to start their recovery.

There are many benefits to choosing The River Source for your loved one’s treatment, and a small patient-to-staff ratio is just one of them. If you would like to learn more about why we may be the right fit for your loved one, please call us today.