Why Out of State Drug Addiction Treatment is Often Best

Many factors go into choosing a drug rehabilitation program, but the most crucial is that the addiction therapy offered is the right fit. At The River Source, we have many families choose our facility because of our naturopathic detox and holistic approach that takes into account the complete healing of our mental, physical and spiritual sides. Our facilities are nestled in Arizona, which means we get patients from all over the country. Some are only a short drive away while others fly by plane to take advantage of our unique and multifaceted rehabilitation program.

Choosing out of state addiction treatment in Arizona is the right choice for many. It’s not uncommon for suffering addicts to feel that sticking close to home is the best and most feasible option, especially at first. If you have a family, for instance, being close can offer a sense of peace. Yet many people go on to discover that out of state rehabilitation is a better option. They learn that they can’t start fresh and focus on getting better until they are removed from their current environment.

Let’s discuss the many benefits that can be achieved by choosing drug addiction treatment located out of state.

Escape a Bad Situation Compounded by Triggers

Seeking treatment from an in-state rehabilitation program has its benefits, but it can also be counterproductive. Many addicts find that certain triggers, such as poor relationships with family or friends and familiar hangouts where drugs were once used, continue to pop up and make the cravings even stronger. It doesn’t take long for recovering addicts to slip back into their same behaviors when they don’t have a chance to escape and work out their inner battles. There is also no way to escape the people who have proven to be poor influences, such as the circle of friends who abuse drugs, the dealer and so forth.

Increase Privacy and Confidentiality

There is also the issue of privacy. If you have a good career, volunteer your time within the community or have a role in your child’s PTO, there’s no doubt that you want to keep your struggles with addiction under wraps. Choosing a local facility may open you up to people within the community, so it’s not uncommon for addicts to choose an addiction treatment facility that is out of state. Having that sense of privacy is what is needed to focus all efforts on treatment instead of being concerned about staff, medical personnel or others learning about your unique but personal situation. And, as an employee, you have rights, so you can attend treatment without having to share the details.

No Simple Way to Leave Treatment

Another point to consider is that out of state drug treatment is more difficult to up and leave from. When seeking treatment at a local facility, it’s much easier to refuse treatment, walk out and have a friend provide quick transportation, returning you to the same toxic environment. Being out of state, the territory will be unfamiliar, you don’t know anyone in the local area and you would have to properly plan your dismissal by scheduling transportation home, which could consist of an expensive plane ride. This added barrier can be the breaking point.

We’ve seen this scenario at The River Source on many occasions: apprehensive patients who don’t embrace treatment early on but learn to after finding that they had few options to leave. Surrendering yourself to drug addiction therapy may feel like the only option left when you’re in the middle of unfamiliar territory, and it’s like removing the roadblock that has been standing in your way.

Complete Focus on Recovery

Finally, when seeking drug addiction treatment out of state, recovering addicts have a chance to focus on themselves, which is really the key ingredient in recovery. Even though it may sound best to stay close to your loved ones, you may find yourself focusing more on them than yourself. By attending out of state addiction treatment, you have no choice but to let go of what’s going on at home and focus on your own recovery. It’s often not until this point when the walls are broken down that true healing begins to take place.

Even with all the benefits of attending out-of-state addiction recovery in AZ, this scenario isn’t right for everyone. There are struggling addicts out there who must remain close to their homes for a myriad of reasons, and in these cases, addiction treatment from a local facility is just as beneficial. However, if you have a situation that allows you to take time away from your setting, acquire the privacy that is needed and the time away to focus on yourself and start fresh, out-of-state facilities offer the greatest rewards, as nothing is more effective for a recovering addict than a new beginning.

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