Will I Lose My Friends By Going to Rehab?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by prospective rehab patients. While there is no universal answer that applies to every individual, recovering addicts can rest assured that a major emphasis will be placed on maintaining current friendships and making new ones.

Every rehab attendee has its own rich history, which means there is no equivocal guarantee for social outcomes. Each case is unique, but programs are designed to promote the growth of healthy friendships, fix broken relationships and mend important kinships. Furthermore, rehab commonly targets negative associations for removal to prevent healing from being derailed.

Public Access Hours

Visitation schedules encourage progressive contacts with supportive friends and family, so relationships certainly can be maintained during addiction treatment. Long-term care does not have to create a rift between friends. Timely meetings can allow patients to keep in touch with caring people in their life without leaving a completely safe environment.

Taking a Break

There is no guarantee that social contacts will be lost on a permanent basis, but rehabilitation often implements a temporary hiatus between certain friend circles. Bonds that are tied to illicit drug scenes may not remain intact, but a clearer head will enable the formation of positive friendships in the place of any lost connections. Unhelpful alliances may attempt to procure a relapse, and their comradery may have to be lost for full detoxification to occur. Rehab groups offer many more potential friends to rely on in cases when existing support is lacking.

Chain Reaction

Sometimes, friends will witness the beneficial changes that occur through rehab and follow suit. Meanwhile, other acquaintances might respond harshly. These individuals have a tendency to perceive judgment stemming from an act that is actually meant for a personal and collective betterment.

Finding New Friends

The community aspect of rehab incorporates social exercises to build a tightly knit support system. People with similar life experiences are all gathered in the same facility, which creates excellent opportunities for meeting people of identical mental dispositions and upward trajectories. Sadly, old acquaintances might not be particularly empathetic to the changes being made, especially if they still partake in the behaviors being addressed, and they might go out of their way to eliminate chances of an environment conducive to recovery. Typically, these choices are made to preserve their own addictions and dependencies.

Shifts in Personality

Addiction causes people to act differently from their normal manner for a potentially long period of time. When people suddenly quit, their attitudes might slowly revert to old ways of thinking or evolve into something new. Simultaneously, withdrawal also generates agitation, which could briefly push people away.

Healthier Appearances

In the long run, rehab produces a fuller complexion with radiant skin tones. When coupled with the freshly gained confidence, this facilitates an increased ability to attract new friends and relationships. A naturally warm reception can be garnered through completed stints in rehab, and the audience of intrinsically interested people offers endless new friendships.

Occupational Associates

Co-workers may be improperly jealous about the time off, and they may bitterly misappropriate the event like a vacation. A hostile work environment should never be tolerated, and any infractions against confidentiality should be reported immediately. If trust is breached in the office, consult appropriate authorities and apply for work elsewhere. The law is on the patient’s side when it comes to attaining medical treatment, so confidently assert legal rights at all times.

Romantic Partners

Like all social dynamics, intimate relationships can be a mixed bag when it comes to rehab. If one’s significant other encouraged the treatment, then the union will likely witness a stream of benefits after a successful stay at a health center. Unfortunately, a partner may be the element that continuously draws a recovering user back to the substances they are ceasing. In these instances, a break-up may be necessary to save the addict’s life.

Final Note

With a dedicated focus, it is possible to maintain most friendships during a rehab visit of any length. The professional staff is unilaterally trained to efficiently cater to a wide variety of social situations to holistically address interpersonal quandaries of all sorts.

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