Charlene Leary BSN, RN, CEN

Director of Nursing

Employment Start Date: August 2020

Why did you choose a career with The River Source?

After working in an emergency department for over 20 years, I saw first-hand how people with addictions/behavioral health slipped through the cracks and couldn’t receive the care they needed. I’m happy to provide the care they need at The River Source.

It was great. Thorough and engaging – exactly what a good interview should be like.

The training that I received was set to my own needs and focused on how I learn and retain things and at my pace.

I absolutely love seeing our clients change and grow from day 1, to leaving detox and then entering the rehabilitation portion of their stays. The changes are amazing to see first-hand.

The people, culture and work environment at The River Source are all family-like. We are all here to work towards one goal and that’s helping our clients work towards their sobriety.

The clients! I love that I get to see the progress of each and every one of them first-hand.

Going from a fast paced, high stress field of nursing, to addiction/behavioral nursing has given me the chance to truly fall in love with nursing all over again.

As an example, I personally started at The River Source as a temp nurse, moved very quickly into a full-time nurse, worked for about 1 year and then promoted to charge nurse and then Director of Nursing.

Seeing a client come through the doors in the midst of their addiction, go through the detox/rehab process, move on to PHP/IOP, become The River Source Alumni and come back to visit, join meetings and share their stories with newer clients early in on their addictions. They are a beacon of what someone experiencing addiction can become. Makes my heart happy each and every time.

To become a part of an amazing family of caring, compassionate, dedicated, and hardworking people. To help others that sometimes seem or feel hopeless discover that they can start to live a life free of drugs/alcohol and reclaim what they have lost from their addictions!


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